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No description

Martin Ostrowski

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of 3

Three things you might want to know about me
Two things I enjoy doing
One thing that brings me to mentoring EVO
That would be the never-ending need for self-development.

I've been working in a very unique environment that required me to be pragmatic and dynamic in meeting the needs of my students. I work with students of all age groups possible and I enjoy the diversity and everyday challenges.
I've also had opportunities to work with teacher trainees which has always helped me to evaluate my skills, both interpersonal and in terms of methodology.

I strongly feel that I will meet amazing people here and
this will be a rewarding experience.
Thank you for taking time to watch my introduction
Hi everybody.
I'm a young teacher of English who likes challenges and versatility and I'm lucky to work with students of different age.
I hold degrees in language teaching and American culture and these are the topics that remain at the centre of my interests.
I'm also a happy father of my 2 year old son.
Actually three... or four... or maybe five
Staring at the night sky
Reading books and poetry of all sorts
Sleeping in my hammock
Spending time with my family
Last but not least...

something I would never believe back in high school days...

I like studying
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