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Newsday Tuesday


Janessa Bade

on 24 February 2010

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Transcript of Newsday Tuesday

Target Founder
-George Draper Dayton Est. 1902
-formerly known as dayton Dry Goods Co. Number of Businesses
-1,750 in 49 states
-first Target was in Roseville, MN
-only in the U.S. Niche
-bullseye logo
-everyday low prices
-1902 George Draper Dayton opens Goodfellow Dry Goods
in downtown Minneapolis
-1903 Name is changed to Dayton Dry Goods
-1938 Dayton's son Nelson takes over company
-1962 Target is introduced
-1967 Dayton becomes a corporation
-1969 the corporation becomes Dayton Hudson
-1979 Target becomes Dayton Hudson's largest producer of revenue
-1995 the first Super Target is opened
-2000 Dayton Hudson becomes the Target corporation

Recent News
-Target announced in January of 2009 that they would be cutting back on thousands of positions. This also included their location in Little Rock, Arkansas. There has been questions about whether CEOs are included in the cut backs. The number of employees that are being cut equals about 9% of their overall population I have always prefered Target over Wal-Mart. My friends and I always go there for all of our needs and even to just hangout. The fact that almost all of them have Starbucks makes them even better. Sources
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