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Spanish Greetings Quiz

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on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Spanish Greetings Quiz

By Paige Hellinger Spanish Greetings Quiz Question 1 What does hola mean? Question 2 What does Adios mean? Question 3 How do you say Good morning? Question 4 Hasta manana means what in Spanish? Question 5 How do you say how are you? Question 7 Que pasa means...... Question 8 How do you say what is you name? Good Job!!!!!!!!!!! You got a 100% A. Hello B. Goodbye C. Hotdog A. Good morning B. Shoe C. Good bye A. Buenos Dias B. Buenas tardes C. Buenas Noches A. see you soon B. See you tomorrow C. I like pasta A. Como estas? B. que tal? C. Que pasa? A. Whats up? B. whats new? C. how are you? A. como se llama usted? B. te presento a C. Hola Question 6 Question 9 What does de nada mean? A. Please B. thank you C. your welcome What does buenos noche mean? A. Good night B. Good after noon C. good morning
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