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Cross-Cultural Presentation

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Mari Melkonyan

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Cross-Cultural Presentation

1.The State of Work at the
Council of Europe “Intercultural dialogue is a process that comprises an open and respectful exchange between individuals, groups and organisations with different cultural backgrounds or world views. Among its aims are: to develop a deeper understanding of different perspectives and practices; to increase participation (or the freedom to make choices); to ensure equality; and to enhance creative processes.” (QUOTATION)*

* "Sharing Diversity" project, ERICarts Institute 2008 Intercultural dialogue TABLE Intercultural Dialogue Process

The Compendium Addresses Intercultural Dialogue (2002-2011)

2002- Development of indicators
2004- The Compendium Working Group on Cultural Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue and Social Cohesion
2007-Sharing Diversity: National Approaches to Intercultural Dialogue in Europe,
2010/2011-"Intercultural Cities Index" TABLE Intercultural Dialogue Process http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-dialogue-policies.php http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-dialogue-policies.php Policies and Strategies Intercultural Dialogue http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-dialogue-tables.php http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-dialogue-database.php -58 projects were selected out of 200 and are presented in the COMPENDIUM database Good Practise Database http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-dialogue-resources.php Key Resources:
Intercultural Dialogue http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-cities-charts.php 1.4. Intercultural Cities Charts http://www.culturalpolicies.net/web/intercultural-cities-profiles.php City Profiles Body Body The status of artists in Europe

The problems artists face in their professional
life are similar all around Europe. Group Group Member Member Member Member Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... ... small Innovation 1.Introduction The state of work at the Council of Europe

*Created in 1949 with 10 countries

*47 countries nowadays
* develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles Definitions (Publication financed by the European Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity 2007-2013) “Diversity and Innovation – a business opportunity for all” Methodological approach: 3 surveys
EBTP Survey: European Commission Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Business Test Panel
Innovation & Diversity Survey
CSR Diversity Laboratory Empirical research of a wide cross section of companies in Europe (2008) 2005 : The study “The Business Case for Diversity; Good practices in the workplace”
The rapport explicitly examines the link between diversity & innovation. Diversity is good for business Diversity can lead to innovation Business area where diversity led innovation The benefits of diversity for innovation Overcoming barriers for diversity led innovation 2.Diversity & Innovation
•pluralistic ethno-cultural or linguistic identity

•diversity of artistic and other cultural content

•diversity of actors involved in decision-making and regulating in different fields of the arts and the media
Policy strategies and programmes
link culture to:
urban regeneration
economic development Cultural Diversity and
Cultural Policies International Cultural Cooperation,
Mobility and Cultural Policies Diversity and Innovation & Gökçe Ayhan Mari Melkonyan
Adriana Dobri
Clément Bardoux
Alyona Dragomeretskaya Content 2. Compendium 3.Diversity & Conclusion Innovation 4 . C ouncil of Europe Compendium : Cultural policies and trends in Europe

Composed by:
independent experts and government representatives
Global objectives : intercultural dialogue, cohesion and cooperation. Introduction The Compendium •Section on cultural rights and ethics
•Cultural diversity
•Intercultural dialogue (including the Intercultural Cities Index)
•Status of artists
•International cultural co-operation and mobility Thank you!! http://www.iegd.org/pdf/Task%203%20-%20Innovation.pdf Ethics in cultural policy means a system of moral values...basing decision-making and choices in cultural policy on stated procedural codes and normative principles. Ethics Rights, are as the legal or moral entitlement to do or to refrain from doing something in order to obtain or to refrain from obtaining an action, thing or recognition in civil society. ( proposed by John Foote) Rights (proposed by Koivunen and Marsio)
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