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MT Elbrus

All about Volcanoes!!!!!!!!

Elianah Clayton

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of MT Elbrus

MT Elbrus By Elianah C:layton What are Volcanoes Volcanoes are mountains that erupt lava. Where are Volcanoes Most Volcanoes are located around the Ring of Fire. What types of volcanoes There are four main types of volcanoes.
Lava Dome
Cinder Cone MT Elbrus MT Elbrus is the largest volcano in Europe. It is found on the border of Asia and Europe. Mt Elbrus eruption history MT Elbrus erupted around 0-100 AD. The End Glossary Erupt - where magma forces its way to the earth's surface due to pressure.
lava - magma that has come out of a volcano
magma - lava that is still inside a volcano
AD - Anno Domini meaning After Death
Ring of Fire - a hot spot were most volcanoes are found (around the pacific ocean)
volcanoes - a piece of the earth surface where magma (lava erupts)
Elianah Clayton - awesome and cool!!!
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