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Attack of the Mammoth

No description

jacob harris

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Attack of the Mammoth

A woman was walking out to set up beaver nets and as she was walking she heard a large animal following her, in fear she dropped the meat she was carrying and ran back to the camp where her husband and child were. She tried to explain what just happened but he refused to listen. Later that night as her and her husband were laying near the fire she heard the noise again and tried to warn her husband, but her husband wouldn't listen and kicked her out of the camp because he thought it was nonsense. As she was walking away she could hear her husbands shouts and she knew he was dead. She continued walking and walked upon a tribe and warned them about the hungry mammoth. The tribe prepared knowing it would come so they poked holes in the ice sheet so the mammoth would fall through. Finally the mammoth came fell through the ice and was slain by the mighty shaman and his magical arrows.
1.Expanse-the distance to which something expands or can be expanded
2.Emerge-move out of or away from.
3.Toboggan-a long narrow sled.
4.Jostling- push or bump against someone .
5.Resentfully-expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly.

1. Hero: The shaman who killed the mammoth
2.Platonic ideal : The mom because she did everything to save her baby.
3.Magic Weapon : The magic arrows that killed the mammoth .
4.Creature of Nightmare : The Mammoth.
5.Heaven vs Wilderness : The lake vs a village.
1. What was the family hunting for?
2.What attacked the woman?
3. How did the husband react to the news?
4. What killed the mammoth?
5. Did the woman go back to the tribe and later get married? If so with who?

1. Beavers.
2. The mammoth.
3. He denied it and thought she was crazy.
4. The mighty shaman.
5. Yes, she got married to a brave warrior.
by:S.E. Scholosser
Attack of the Mammoth
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