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Marin Yermakova

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management
What is ESTIEM?
Established in 2010
Students from Riga Technical University
Local Group Rīga
Exchange with Istanbul-Bogazici
Trainers on Tour in Riga
Trainers Committee Coordination Meeting in Riga
Council Meeting Istanbul-Bogazici
Baltic Region Coordination Meeting, Minsk
Farming Activity Week, Pāvilosta
Baltic Motivational Weekend, Riga
LG Rīga current issues
20 year old
I'm Local Responsible of LG Riga
I am ESTIEMer, because.....
Local Group Riga
who are we? what do we do? and How to get involved?
20 year old
Vice President of Public Relation
Local Group Riga
XLVIII CM Istanbul-Bogazici
6 people from LG Riga
Riga - #9/74 most active LG in 2014
Riga has 2 of 5 the most active ESTIEMers

LG Riga started to become part of ESTIEM on September 2010 and then participated in CM Nokia 2010 in Finland
We became observers on CM Warsaw 2012. 
Full members since CM Eindhoven 2013
LR form May 2012 - April 2013: Emīls Lībeks 
LR from April 2013 - March 2014: Filips Mistrjukovs
Current LR – Niklāvs Lizbovskis

is to establish and foster
relations between students across Europe
and to support them in their personal and professional development.
network consists of
79 Local Groups

29 countries
, reaching out to
60 000 students.
*Finance Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management and Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology*

20 active members
Local students
International full time students
7 students are working in ESTIEM P/C/I
7 students are in Local Board
In 2013-2014
our members
15 countries
in 27 cities,
have been
Future events
ESTIEM LG Riga Weekend
CM Baltics Coordination Meeting
Are you interested?
Join us!

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