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The influence of WiFi-radiation on plants

No description

Gino Jansen

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of The influence of WiFi-radiation on plants

The influence of WiFi-radiation on plants
What was our plan?
Two different containers
We don't know...
''Belgians ban phones for children''
What did those students do?
Set up: two rooms
-One with WiFi-router sending signals back and forth to PC

-One empty room

Mobile telecommication and WiFi
But many claim they do...
'' Danish high school students prove damaging effect of WiFi on garden cress''
Cage of Faraday
Our Objections

- no control group
- no redo of experiment
by switching rooms
-hence, no prove of equal circumstances
-how much WiFi does a thin wall really absorb?
So we asked ourselves...
Can we do this better?
Well, hell yeah, we can
Keep it scientific
Write stuff down!
Problem statement
Research question
Unsure as to whether WiFi is unhealthy
Does Wi-Fi radiation form a health threat to organisms, plants in particular, and if yes, in what way?
- Minimal effects on plant growth.
- Any effects due to light (and perhaps also WiFi) absorbing pigment
We'll have to answer the question
-by means of experimenting
- Redo garden cress experiment
-Do it better
Problems arose
- "leakage of Faraday cage"

Solution: full aluminum body -> reflects WiFi
Building cages
Measurements of reliability
- WiFi-signal outside

-WiFi-signal inside non-WiFi
-WiFi signal inside WiFi
Let the games begin!
But, *sigh* we ran into problems:
- cotton wool soil didn't work
-Lights didn't work
Used normal soil
Swapped light bulbs with 'cool' light
After two weeks: Results!
Redo experiment: swapped conditions
Final results:
Evidence 100% trustworthy?
Health hazards for Humans?
Questions, if you have 'em, please ask
Because of influence fans?
difference in length and amount sprouted
Formula for translation into Watts
P(Watt) = 10^(0,1X-3)
-45dBm = 3.16*10^-8 W
-20dBm = 10^-5 W
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