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Russian Style Service

No description

jose angel troncoso

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Russian Style Service

Russian Style Service
Semi A la Carte

Russian Style Service
It is a manner of dining that involves courses being brought to the table sequently. In this particular style of service food is cooked table side. They put the food on platters and then pass the platters at table side, where guests help themselves. Service is from the left. The Russian Ambassador Alexander Kurakin is credited with bringing service à la russe to France in the early 19th century, and it later caught on in England.
Place settings
The place setting for each guest includes a service plate, all the necessary cutlery except those required for dessert, and stemmed glasses for water, wines and champagne. Atop the service plate is a rolled napkin, and atop that is the place card. Above the plate is a saltcellar, nut dish, and a menu.
The cutlery to the right of the service plate are, from the outside in, the oyster fork resting in the bowl of the soup spoon, the fish knife, the meat knife and the salad knife . On the left, from the outside in, are the fish fork, the meat fork and a salad fork.
Pros V. Cons
1. Only one waiter is needed to each station.
2. Elegant and entertaining.
3. No extra space is needed for the equipment
4. It guarantees equal portions because the food is pre-cut and
already served.
5. Gives the guests personal attention.

Service Order
Guests are seated according to their place cards. The host/hostess is first to begin eating, and guests follow. Then the oyster plate is placed atop the service plate. Once that is cleared the soup plate replaces it. After the soup course is finished, both the soup plate and service plate are removed from the table, and a heated plate is put in their place.
The fish and meat courses are always served from platters, because in correct service a filled plate is never placed before a guest, as this would indirectly dictate how much food the guest is to eat.
Directly before dessert everything is removed from the place settings but the wine and water glasses. Crumbs are cleared now. The dessert plate is then brought out with a doily on top of it, a finger bowl on top of that, and a fork and spoon.
Semi A La Carte Service
Semi a la carte menus are menus that sells appetizers and desserts at separate prices
1. It requires a big initial investment in silver equipment.
2. If many guests are served from one platter, the last one to be served may see a rather less attractive display.

Alexis Aguirre
Tayler Hopkins
Wendy Hernandez
Ryan Jay
Jose Angel Troncoso
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