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Allie Paynter - Science

Science Project - Cloud

Allie Paynter

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of Allie Paynter - Science

The Cumulonimbus Cloud The Cumulonimbus cloud is a fluffy cloud that could be found on a line, in a group, or alone. The Cumulonimbus Cloud is one of the largest clouds. The Cumulonimbus Cloud can usually be associated with thunder storms. cu·mu·lus means "A cloud forming rounded masses heaped on each other above a flat base at fairly low altitude." and nimbus means cloud. Here is a video to show how the cumulonimbus cloud moves.... http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi
Mr.Roody's teaching and handouts
The Weather Book by Jack Williams By Allie Paynter first by the warm air rising (up drafts). Then as the air cools to its dew point the water vapor starts creating a cumulonimbus cloud After wards when the water drops grow big, they begin falling.(The large water drops in the clouds make up the mass in the clouds) This is what starts thunderstorms, because the the weight of the rain makes it violent. This is how the Cumulonimbus clouds get so big. By Allie Paynter
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