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New England, Middle, Southern, Backcountry colonies

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Chris Wagner

on 13 October 2011

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Transcript of New England, Middle, Southern, Backcountry colonies

The Countries Of America
The New England Colonies Middle Colonies Southern Colonies Back
country The New England colonies were New Hampshire,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The Southern colonies were North Carolina,
South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland. The middle colonies were New York,New Jersey, Pennsylvania,and Delaware. They were located on Atlantic seaboard. They were located south of the middle colonies on the east Coast Swedes, Dutch, English, Germans, and Africans settled here Who settled here location Economy The economy was based on religion Did they farm Yes they farmed. They had a six to seven month growing season and rich soil Trading The middle colonies were known as the bread basket colonies for their large amounts of grain The religion location Africans in the region The africans mostly shared the land with the rest of the religions in the middle colonies TheDutch Mennonites, French Huguenots, German Baptists, Portuguese Jews, and English Anglicans. Lutherans, Quakers, Moravians, Amish, Dunkers, Presbyterians, and Catholics settled in the four Middle Colonies .
Important vocabulary Proprietary colony patroon Quakers Important people William Penn Duke of York Important people James Oglethorpe Important vocabulary Royal colony Location Who settled Economy Did they farm Trading Religion Africans in the region They were located on the eastern seaboard Economy Did they farm Trading Religions Africans vocabulary People John Smith Richard Hakuluyt Their economy was based on hard work and trade with the Native Americans Yes they farmed They learned how to farm from the natives They traded with the native americans and England They traded crops, fish, and other materiels The biggest religion was the quakers Due to the rocky landscape on poor growing conditions they could only grow enough food for their family Due to the short growing seasons slaves weren't needed as much. Most of the slaves were indentured servants mayflower compact Pilgrims Puritans Great migration Roger Williams Ann Hutchinson the southern colonies were settled by
the English, Scottish, and Irish they economy was based on plantations and slavery Yes The main crops were indigo, tobacco, wheat, and rice. the main trading materiels were tobacco, cotton and indigo The dominate religion in the southern colonies was Anglican Africans were the slaves in the southern colonies They worked on the plantations slaves weren't treated very well. they could only keep a tiny bit of what ever they earned Who settled location economy did they farm Trading religion Africans The backcountry was settled by England, Germans, Scots-Irish, French, And spanish Past the fall line and behind the piedmont The economy was mostly based on trade. Yes they farmed. The farmers often clashed with the natives.They built their houses from logs, mud, moss, and clay. the basic unit of money was one buckskin or a "buck". most slaves traveled the land with their masters. Germans--Reformed, Lutheran, and Moravian
Evangelicals--The Appearance of the Baptists
vocabulary important people Appalacian mountains

fall line



William Bryd
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