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anish kapoor

No description

Eveliene Elisabeth

on 30 January 2011

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Transcript of anish kapoor

ANISH KAPOOR “Is it my role as an artist to say something, to express, to be expressive? I think it's my role as an artist to bring to expression, it's not my role to be expressive. I've got nothing particular to say, I don't have any message to give anyone. But it is my role to bring to expression, let's say, to define means that allow phenomenological and other perceptions which one might use, one might work with, and then move towards a poetic existence. “
Anish Kapoor
INTERESTS CREATE SPACE CREATE EMPTINESS DARKNESS LIGHT REFLECTION FORM COLOUR Philosophy not to create a statement morphing shapes what art means to the viewer let viewer intrepret art art "uncovers a deeper truth" Movement post modernism
art tells its own story Materials Stainless steel stone polished and painted strechted fabric Colours red blue - better describes emptiness than black Works - Cloud Gate Millenium Park - Chicago

stainless steel plates
33 x 66 x 42 ft
110 tons
inspiration = liquid mercury
interactive for viewer
capture chicago skyline

Works - Cloud Gate responds well to context - captures existing architecture
tourist attraction
enhances AT&T plaza
"observation deck" of chicago skyline

fun memorable unique ingenious interactive Works - Sky Mirror Nottingham Playhouse - NOttingham

stainless steel
6m diameter
capture environment year round, night and day
image is inverted
shows familiar scenery from new perspective

Works - Sky Mirror existing architecture is retilinear - perfect circle contrasts context
adds excitment to plaza - focal point
can be enjoyed from inside of building and from surrounding park
will create response in viewer - take a well know scene and inverting it unique memorable creating response in viewer ingenius open for interpretation “Anish Kapoor”. CV. Lisson Gallery. Web. January 22, 2011.http://www.lissongallery.com/#/artists/anish-kapoor/cv/

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