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Natural Gas

No description

Sena Cadmus

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Natural Gas

How can Natural Gas be transferred?
Natural Gas can be transferred into many different things... but here are just a few examples:
Pros of Natural Gas
Where is Natural Gas gathered?
This resource is mostly used in the United States and in Russia. Yet, you can also find this resource in the Middle East, which holds 70% of their total reserves.
Natural Gas
How is Natural Gas gathered?
Natural Gas travels through a pipeline to get rid of "slugs" (unwanted gases), then the non-methane gases go to fraction towers where the purified gases are collected by ships or trucks.
What is Natural Gas?
Natural Gas is an exhaustible energy resource and also a fossil fuel. The chinese were the first to use this resource in 500 B.C. They learned to pipe this resource through bamboo poles.

By: Gaby and Sena
25% of energy in the world is Natural Gas and 96% of it is used in the USA
Radiant & Thermal
Natural Gas in the future
Cons of Natural Gas
Even though Natural Gas may help us a lot, there are also a lot of negative things about it. For example,
. This process produces toxic water that must be captured and disposed to avoid contaminating it to the environment. Some fracking wells produce millions of gallons of this toxic water which is bad because only 3% of the world's water is fresh so we need to keep it clean so we as humans can survive.
Russia produces the most natural gas
How was Natural Gas formed?
Natural Gas was formed 1,000,000's of years ago. Tiny marine organisms called plankton died and settled on the ocean floors, then fine sand and mud drifted over the plankton. Bacteria, heat, natural forces, sand and mud changed the chemical compounds in the plankton into Natural Gas and Oil.
The Chinese used Natural Gas to make eternal flames
Natural Gas will eventually run out because a lot of industries demand the gas and that will probably exceed to the world's supply of it. The world is using natural gas at record pace and at this speed, we will be able to use natural gas for about another 60-80 years. But now a days, there are more reserves to help save this natural resource.
There is a gas fuel cell under development that will produce electric power chemically by using methane from the Natural Gas
fissure; cracks
shale: soft, finely stratified sedimentary rock that formed from consolidated mud or clay and can be split easily into fragile slabs
Natural Gas helps us all in our everyday lives. It has its ups and downs and here are some pros of Natural Gas. For starters, Natural Gas produces less air pollution than coal and oil AND produces less pollution when it's burned. Also, it doesn't emit sulfur dioxide which doesn't add to the formation of acid rain.
the fastest-growing energy resource
made up of chemical compounds called hydrocarbons
mainly composed of Methane
Natural Gas is...
How was Natural Gas Formed Diagram:
Fracking Diagram:

How was Natural Gas Formed Diagram:
Fracking Diagram:
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