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Reality TV

No description

Brittani Brown

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Reality TV

Reality TV What is Reality TV? Reality television is a genre of television programming that presents "unscripted" dramatic or humorous situations. It documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors. What is Reality TV really? - Real people BUT may be hired actors/models
- Continuous filming BUT heavily edited
- Real competition BUT fabricated drama
- Real entertainment BUT uninformative
- Real Votes BUT not real results Why do we love it so much? Empowerment is the element that attracts audiences
It provides a sense of "voyeurism"-- the ability to see things that are typically private in nature.
Some call it a “guilty pleasure” but really it is the chance to watch something beyond our usual experience or anything we ever will encounter.
It creates an emotional bound between the viewer and the contestants making it a much more personal experience
-In a number of shows "audience participation" is requested through various polls or voting intensive activities.
The audiences can now tweet at their favorite contestants or performers and the line between the two becomes more blurred.
It allows the everyday to feel like they have nearly the same chance of being on TV as someone from Los Angeles or New York.
But is this really "real"? What are you watching? National
Weekly Top 5
S/O-S/O HH Rtgs

1 Sunday Night Football 8.43
2 60 Minutes 7.97
3 America's Got Talent 7.19
4 NBC Nightly News 6.87
5 ABC World News with Diane Sawyer 5.95 When will Reality TV craze end? -In theory this would seem correct but essentially the article answers this question with an irrefutable yet somewhat regretful, “No”.
-Many believe reality TV is a new craze of the 21st century but its roots can be traced back as far as 1948
-Reality TV is hard-wired into the DNA of television. Like all crazes, isn’t it bound to run its course eventually? As quoted in the article, “It couples the unexpected elements of an often live TV show with voyeurism, an almost irresistible cocktail.” Why are we watching it? -It's the only thing that is on TV.
-It's interesting to see how real people react in crazy situations
-It's something to do.
-It's entertaining. -Since 2000, Reality TV has boomed and now accounts for well over a quarter of all prime time programming on the 5 major networks.
-After the writers’ strike of 2007, scripted television took an even greater blow as reality TV grew by approximately 30% and expanded to cable networks such as A&E, Bravo, and Discovery. How has Reality TV grown? How do we impact it? As a result of what we watch, there is a high demand for reality TV that contributes to its dominants in the television industry. As the television industry has transformed, the audience has gone
from being passive viewer of the network fare to active chooser of the fare he/she wants,determining this choice almost by the minute.
Contrary to belief, the consumer does have power
The consumer watches and become the product and act as an aggregation of eyeballs being sold to advertisers
If "we", the consumer, do not watch these channels there is no product to sell to advertisers and/or no subscription money to the programmer. How does it impact us? Because of reality TV’s dominant influence the television industry itself has drastically changed. Producers nearly one-third the pay to wade through hours of footage as “producers” trying to gather some sort of story line. Free-lance workers Aspiring writers (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr little to no benefits or job security, Article #1 would agree that although impact of reality TV on society is questionable, its impact on the television industry is undeniably good.
Not only do they need good ideas to start with, but they increasingly must push the envelope of audience expectations to compete with other content.
Scripted television targeting more specific niches, Reality TV is now the new “family viewing” television.
It is cheap and easy to produce.
Article #2 would agree that the continuing growth in demand for Reality TV has a significant impact on the demand for quality writing that once was a key element of televised programs.
Unlike scripted television drama/comedy that promises steady 5-day weeks for roughly 40 weeks a year, reality programs often shoot 7 days a week to take maximum advantage of contestants’ time and keep costs to a minimum. Is Reality TV bad?
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