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Language Registers

No description

Kathleen Giannandrea

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Language Registers

Language Registers
Argument: Food Tax
"'Bad-food' taxes will clog our economic arteries beyond repair"
What does it all mean???
Handouts, handouts, handouts...
Language is Power!
After reading and working with
"Tax on junk food can help pay the costs of diet-related diseases"
Half of the class will write a summary in a friendly letter to a friend.
Half of the class will write an academic summary to the teacher.
random selection
Hand Up, Stand Up, Pair Up
Find a partner using
Find a person who wrote a different version of the summary than you.
Share the differences.
Report out.
We write and speak differently for different purposes.
Language Registers:
Feature Analysis Chart
Academic Language Scripts
Quiz Time!!
Ex: Prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, words recited at a birth, marriage, or death ceremony.
Can't change the words, very respectful when you use.
Standard one-way communication
Ex: Research papers, essays, lab reports.
News reporters use formal register.
The atmosphere is polite and courteous when using this register.
Standard two-way communication.
Ex: Group/pair discussion in class
Relaxed language. You use it when you're not worried about what impression you leave with your language.
Ex: slang used with friends
Any close relationship uses intimate register.
Ex: Husband/wives, girlfriends/boyfriends, twins, best friends
When you take notes on the next two slides, leave room between information.
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