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Student Affairs/Academic Affairs Collaboration

Residential Experience as as extension of the academic mission

Sondra Dennison

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Student Affairs/Academic Affairs Collaboration

Cultures Clash??? students WHO? Learning What? WHERE? EVERYWHERE!
wireless access
living learning centers
wellness centers
residential academic success center
faculty/instructor chats
virtual communities (wellness blogs)
community centers (family housing)
WHEN? COLLABORATION Student complimentary domains
of expertise Institutional Planning
Administrative Care Team/Early Intervention
Other Standing Committee Membership
Living-Learning Liaisons/Advisory Committees
Informal Resource Sharing
Communicated & Shared Student Learning Outcomes
Student Organization involvement and advising
Formal Programming ~ inclusion and social justice; career planning and placement; service learning
talent advancement programs
Residential Academic Programming seminars
Honors College
Assessment and Evaluation

Some Best Practices WHY?
student learning is positively impacted by "direct and positive interactions with professors both within and outside the classroom" (Arum and Roksa, 2011) students learn best (and are able to focus on higher level learning) when their basic needs are met (Maslow, anyone?) creating and celebrating community, rehearsing what is learned in class, promoting civility and using icebreakers are all recommended as techniques to engage students (Barkley, 2010) duplicating efforts when we could be sharing resources makes little sense supporting the academic mission of the University is what we ALL DO. academic affairs student affairs Thank you Arum, R. & Roksa, J. (2011). Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses. The University of Chicago Press.

Barkley, E. (2010). Student Engagement Techniques: a handbook for college faculty. Jossey-Bass.

Cook, J.H. & Lewis, C.A. (2007). Student and Academic Affairs Collaboration: The Divine Comedy. NASPA, Inc.

Youtube. Uploaded by clurman(March 28, 2011). Collaboration Between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Category: education. Tags: SA & AA Collaboration.
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