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Heterogeneous Grouping

Educational Teaching Method by Grouping

Travis Eaton

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Heterogeneous Grouping

Heterogeneous Grouping Herogenoeous Groups are groups that include students with a wide variety of instructional levels. Heterogeneous Groups stem from the education precept that a positive interdependence can arise from students with a varied learning levels working together and helping each other to reach an instrutional goal Example would be when organizing reading groups , the teacher delibertely has a low, medium, and high readers work together in a Heterogeneous Group to comprehend and analyse a given text together Their progress is meaured in terms of natural growth rather then objectives on curriculum standards eliminates the necesity of retaing students and the stigma of many low performing studens. " to ensure that no student is left behind multiage classrooms can help make this a goal" Donna McAvery 1995 So, TAKS meassures your ablility and knowlege at a given time period for your age. Every one is learning at thier own pace. No child is left behind? Until your 22 at your own pace doing times tables? Students
Chalenging students.
Currently the objective in which to teach is to teach to the middle. The Higer Achivers want the information.
Teaching to the middle will not provide that. The Lower Achivers may have a lower social economic advantage
and do not see this need to excel. So what would teaching to the middle do for them if they need more help then this. What about maturity level? Who has had to work in a group with some one much younger then them? Did you feel they had the same agenda with the lesson? Did you feel you both advaced or did you just help them. How well do you think that worked out? I can relate to a Heterogenous Grouping. I was in a Montessori school. Montessori ad on the internet; " Montessori is a revoluntinary method of observing and suppoeting the natural deveopment of children. The basis is the classroom is mixed age, individual choice of research and work with uninterupted concentration. Teachers Preparing for one subject for all your
students, takes time, takes content mastery of your subject. You are highly knowlegeable in the area
you are teaching.
Now try teaching four diffrent areas at once. How well are
you able to teach each area? Add a little stress of TAKS.
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