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Picasso Presentation

by Tom Sutton, Victoria Spinks, Ben Kleber, Purnima Mehta, Kozan Fahri & Mohsen Nayyeri

Kozan Fahri

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Picasso Presentation

The Frozen YogART By Tom Sutton, Victoria Spinks, Ben Kleber,
Purnima Mehta, Kozan Fahri & Mohsen Nayyeri There are 3 ways to be successful. - The Best The Frozen YogART -Change the colour of the Frozen Yogurt Competition -78% of sample believed in this USP - We will be the Frozen Yogurt parlour in Guildford Seasonality Target Market - Initially females, aged 18 - 35 years old. Summer Winter Financial The Team Welcome to Guildford - 39.1% of the population is aged between 18-44 -1000 more females than males - 180,000 annual footfall at the Guildford Frairy Centre -A higher disposable income rate than the UK average - Average household spend/year of £14,500 on dining and goods from the high street(which is higher than the UK average of £13,000) Frozen Yogurt Industry -Current revenue has increased by 2.4% annually over the last 5 years. - 80-90% of customers are currently females aged 18-44 - A potential mark-up of 700% - During the years 2010/11 the market grew by 50% - Estimated worth of £25million by the end of 2013 in the UK. Contents - Introduction - To Cheat - The First What are we going to do in the Winter? - Most popular options chosen were Hot Fruit Pies and Waffles

- Reduces our the seasonality effect. - Projected sales of 24,800 units in Year 1 - Selling price of £3.79 for a medium sized (226g) tub with ONE topping. - Estimated profits: - Breakeven Point: 23,986 units - £44,776.89 Short Term Bank Loan (5years) Financial -Our team has over 7 years experience in food outlets combined - We have networked and built a relationship with a frozen yogurt company and a local entrepreneur. - This has given us insight into potential problems which has allowed us to create a secure business plan. - Price without VAT = £3.03 - Cost per Unit = £0.75 - Mark-Up = 304% Financial - Selling 1,999 units a month
- Gross Profit Margin = £2.31 - Year 1: £2,291.47
- Year 2: £11,882.59 - 5 year projected profit of
approximately £44,000 Financial The Future -Initial expansion plan is a moving kiosk that will service the Guildford high street in the Summer Above: Kiosk in Guildford Friary Centre The Future Long Term plans: - Have our own 'Picasso' shop - Increase our Target Market to younger generation *(Right), Picasso Shop floor plans. The Future - We will use social media: #picasso #colours #frozenyogART THANK YOU
FOR LISTENING - Currently we will have a 'Picasso' kiosk situated in the Guildford Friary Centre - Target Market - Competition - Seasonality - Finance - The Team - The Future - 39.1% of Guildford's population are our target market - This is a great foundation for why our business will be successful - To attract families and the younger market - By using healthy organic colouring -31% do buy from Frozen
Yogurt Parlours -We provide a personal
touch that supermarkets
can not offer. Close Your Eyes - Increase of sales of 75% between the winter and summer months - Our aim is to have stock turnover every month
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