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Quest Diagnostics

Business Managment

Kevin christensen

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Quest Diagnostics

See it, Feel it, Touch it. Company Description ALL THE ABOUT COMPANY Web Plan Strategy Cost : - RM 30,000 (Leremy Web Design)

- Online Shopping Cart, Customer Support, Feedback, Forum, & etc. Rahul Hariharan
1102702609 Financial Plan Raising RM230,000
by way of private equity Securing a 12 year loan
for RM45,000 Glass Light Surrounded (GLS) Company's Financial Plan is based on ... to set up the
industrial products
service divisions
of the company to cover
initial equipment costs Monthly Revenue Break-even is RM31,884 . Total Operating Expenses Sales Net Profit/loss

1st year RM120,438 RM354,705 (RM13,081)
2nd year RM131,438 RM461,550 RM27,440
3rd year RM138,538 RM461,550 RM84,511
4th year RM145,338 RM729,944 RM122,906
5th year RM149,638 RM902,842 RM185,284 Projected Net Profit/Loss for the company 1. Gross Sales over RM900,000 by year 6 of this plan.

2. Gross Margins over RM450,000 by year 5 of this plan.

3. Net Income over RM160,000 by year 6 of this plan.

4. Current Assets over RM600,000 by year 6 of the plan.

5. Equity of over RM600,000 by year 7 of this plan Long Term Plan of the company to set up
the initial products and service divisions
of the corporation Khoo Khay Peng
1121116647 Khoo Khay Peng 1121116647 Khoo Khay Peng
1121116647 Khoo Khay Peng 1121116647 Khoo Khay Peng 1121116647 THE END Quest Diagnostics Daniel Shorr & Kevin Christensen Location: Madison, New Jersey What Kind of Business Quest Diagnostics is a corporation that offers clinical laboratory research. They supply patients, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies with there products and services. Where they are located How Big is Quest Diagnostics Quest Diagnostics is a large company, they supply 165,000 physicians in the United States which is about one third of the physicians in the United States. At there offices across the U.S they have over 900 M.Ds and PHDs available. What we found interesting Quest diagnostics set a record in 2009 when it paid $302 million to the government to settle a medicare fraud case. Board of Directors Dan C. Stanzione, Ph.D. Lead Independent Director and Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Started at Quest Diagnostics in 1997

Has executive experience with Bell laboratories and InterNap network services. John C. Baldwin, M.D. Director Joined Quest Diagnostics in 2004

Was the president of Texas Tech University Health and sciences center. Jenne K. Britell, Ph.D. Director Joined in 2005

Was the president of GE consumer Global Finance William F. Buehler Director Joined Quest Diagnostics in 1998.

He was the Chairman for xerox for 11 years.

Worked for AT&T in the marketing and sales department for 27 years. Gary M. Pfeiffer Director Joined Quest Diagnostics in 2004

Was the Secretary of Finance for Delaware Timothy M. Ring Director Joined Quest Diagnostics in 2011.

He was the CEO of C.R Bard Inc.

Was the Trustee of the New Jersey University Medicine and Dentistry. Stephen H. Rusckowski He joined Quest Diagnostics in 2012

He was the CEO for Imaging Systems and Phillips Healthcare President and CEO Gail R. Wilensky, Ph.D. Director Joined Quest Diagnostics in 1997

She was the President of the defense health board for the department of defense John B. Ziegler Joined Quest Diagnostics in 2000 He was the president of worldwide consumer health care. Mission Statement Whether directly or indirectly, employees get personal satisfaction from knowing their work impacts human health. As the world’s leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services, our diagnostic testing impacts 70% of healthcare decisions. Whether you are drawing a patient’s blood sample or reviewing a real estate agreement for a prospective testing location, the role each employee plays makes the services that Quest Diagnostics provides possible. Code of ethics Employees must maintain confidentiality of information from the company Employees must avoid conflicts of interest that could influence there way of making decisions. Employees must not use corporate property for personal gain Employees must protect companies assests and only use them for business purposes Employees must deal fairly with vendors and competitors Employees must follow all laws, rules and regulations. Employees must report if any law, rule or regulation has been broken Financial Information Social and Philanthropic Efforts Quest Diagnostics employees gave 2 million dollars to charity.

Employees helped donate more than 100 pints of blood. Interesting Facts Quest diagnostics was valued at 10.4 billion dollars in 2010 Quest Diagnostics is the worlds leading provider in diagnosing testing, information, and services.Outside the U.S Quest Diagnostics have testing Facilities in Mexico, United Kingdom and India. There current stock price is $55.94 per share Our overall impression Our impression of the company is that is a very successful company that would great to work for. From what we have researched they do not need to improve in any areas.
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