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Sycamore Solution Chemistry

No description

Chad Husting

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Sycamore Solution Chemistry

Solution Chemistry Solute: This is what gets dissolved. In general (more on this later), like solvents dissolve like solutes. Water is polar and it dissolves polar compounds. Hexane is nonpolar. It dissolves nonpolar compounds.
Unsaturated Solutions –There is room in the solvent to dissolve some more solute.
Saturated Solutions - The solvent is holding the maximum amount of solute at present conditions Super Saturated Solutions – Very unstable solution. The solvent is holding beyond the maximum amount of solute and it will crash out if disturbed.
Saturated, Supersaturated and Unsaturated Solubility – The maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in 100 g of water at a specific temperature.
Solvent: Substance that dissolves another substance.
Concentration: Qualitative term of amount of solute to solvent. What is the trend with heating solids in solution? What if we heat gases in solution? Dilute - Less solute per solvent Can you identify these? Supersaturated ABOVE the line
(very unstable!)
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