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No description

Danielle D'Amato

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of craZe

Carlos, Danielle, Mike craZe What is Alcohol Industry Target Market Price Distribution Promotion Strengths -Premium Vodka, Sweetart flavored
-Teamed up with Wonka and their Nestle candy line
-Clear glass bottle, wrapped in a Sweetart wrapper
-40% alcohol content
-Multiple flavors with no certain distinction:
blue, pink, purple, and green modled after the Sweetarts themselves. -Industry generates more than $65 billion a year Spends $1 billion in advertising
-Consumer expenditure has annual growth rate of 13.3% per 5 years
-Vodka has a 13.45% growth rate in sales
-Flavored vodka experienced a 23% gain, accounted for 25% of total US vodka volume
2011: Flavored vodka increased 3.3 million 9-liter cases -Young adults ages 21 and over
-College students
-Men and women
-Heavy drinkers
-Middle Class -Bars
-Liquor Stores
-Internationally 1 liter bottle: $21.99
1.75 L: $29.99
750mL: $17.99 -Advertised in adult Magazines
-Late night TV ads
-Adult subscriber channels
-Promotional parties at bars/clubs offering our liquor at discounted prices, certain hours of free drinks
-Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts -Become a market leader in the flavored vodka segment
-Unique taste
-Superior quality
-Building a reputation
-Unique packaging
-Online sales; reduce regional barriers
-High social value Competition:
1 liter Absolut: $24.99-$34.99
1 liter Grey Goose: $30-$49.99
1 liter Belvedere: $29.99
1 liter Ciroc: $35.99 Weaknesses -Major competitors with established name and reputation
-Premium brand may impact buying decision for low income consumers
-Usage of vodka usually happens at night and in private premises
-Limited access to other corporate owned bars and clubs Opportunities -Strongest growth in consumption
-Number of bars continually increasing
-Vodka recorded the fastest growth of 10% in volume and 13% in current value terms in 2007 Threats -Competitors expanding into flavored vodka segment.
-Significant risks for industry
-Alcohol Abuse
-Increasing wine consumption in the United States which is one of many subsitute products of vodka, while beer remains the main drink consumed at bars. SWOT Analysis Perceptual Map craZe?
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