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caitlyn lacroix-pd 4

No description

Know Strength

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of caitlyn lacroix-pd 4

cuniform whats cuniform cuniform is pictures that acted like words it also tells what a pictograph. it says that a pictograph is the same thing as cuniform reading and writing help the mesopotamians with the language they speak in . mesopotamians wanted to learn reading and writing so their sons showed them how to. three main things around a year that was recorded was sales,purcheses, and also kings mesopotamia was by the fertile cresent. this is how they spelled sun in cuniform mesopotamian people would use words that don't look like our today but are the same words we say in our own language. mesopotamia language started around 5000bce which was a very long time ago. mesopoatamins were the first to invent fire and inventions The earliest Uruk writings contain logographic symbols which represented numbers, objects, and names. cuniform was the very first kind of writing in the world made by the mesopotamians. the anciant mesopotamians used the type of words to communicatce mesopotamians weren't the only ones in the world that long ago. there were other people maned the paleolithic people and the neolithic people The Cuneiform writing system was widely accepted in the ancient Eastern world and became one of the most significant and influential systems of writing Canal and irrigation systems greatly increased the productivity and agricultural surplus of Sumerian city-states.
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