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4.03: The Power of Images

photo reaction journal

Claire Vest

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of 4.03: The Power of Images

Picture Title: Description: Picture Title: Photo Reaction Journal Description: By: Claire Vest Picture Title: Description: Picture Title: Description: #7 Description: Sources http://www.treasurenet.com/images/ #1 Civil War - Enlisted Men
In the picture Kingin, Pvt. Emory Eugene, 4th Michigan Infantry A pretty young looking man, leaning on a tree and doesn't seem to be carrying much on him either. Details: For some reason he has his left hand inside his shirt.

He is also pretty serious, but relaxed at the same time. #2 Details: Civil War - Women
Joseph, Sister M.M. of the Sisters of Mercy. A nun seated in her black a white outfit. She seems to have a sad, or worried look on her face, very gloomy.

Also she is holding her cross necklace. #3 Details: Picture Title: Description: #6 Details: Description: Details: Picture Title: Description: #4 Details: Picture Title: #12 Picture Title: Description: #9 Details: Picture Title: Description: #8 Details: Picture Title: Description: #13 Details: Picture Title: Description: #10 Details: Picture Title: Description: #15 Details: Civil War - Medical
Ward in the Carver General Hospital, Washington, D.C. There seem to be a good amount of soldiers being taken care of at this hospital. There are some women who are at the hospital, helping.

Also most of the men in this picture are in wheelchairs ready to leave. Civil War - Railroads
Ruins of the Confederate enginehouse at Atlanta, Ga., September 1864 A lot of destroyed building pieces, and trains all stopped in that location. There are some African Americans sitting on the trains.
Also you can just see that the whole area was destroyed completely. Details: #5 In this you see that their was religious practices even at war.

Also that it is such a small group. In this picture at least. There are men at their "Christian Commission" station that they made. Civil War - Morale
Members of the Christian Commission at their field headquarters near Germantown, Md. Civil War - Councils
President Lincoln visiting the battlefield at Antietam, Md., October 3, 1862. The soldiers are standing around President Lincoln at a tent. President Lincoln has no expression on his face.
He seems to be using the chair for support. Picture Title: Details: Civil War - Ordnance
Columbiad guns of the Confederate water battery at Warrington, Fla. The men are loading the cannons. It looks like they may be just testing the cannons.

looks pretty relaxed, although they are loading cannons. Civil War - Generals in the Field
Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan and his generals in front of Sheridan's tent, 1864. Soldiers just sitting around outside of a tent. They look like they are just hanging out and relaxing.

And they may even be a bit happy. Civil War - Navies
Capt. John A. Winslow (3d from left) and officers on board the U.S.S. Kearsarge A group of officers, on a ship, ready for duty. Just like in pictures before a officer on the front has his hand in his jacket.

And this looks like it is a very big ship. Civil War - Other
Dead Confederate sharpshooter in the Devil's Den, Gettysburg, Pa., July 1863. Dead Confederate soldier, in a trench, full of rocks, and he is alone. I'm sure he was shot but he could have fallen and hit his head on the huge rocks, as well.
I wonder if his left hand is under something or gone. Details: Picture Title: #11 Description: Civil War - Federal Army Officers
McClellan, Maj. Gen. George B.. three-quarter-length, standing. Officer posing for picture and has suit on. He also has his hand in his jacket, did he loose some fingers? possibly.

Very serious face. Civil War - Army Life
Soldiers at rest after drill Soldiers just relaxing on the ground, and resting. Some soldiers are even playing cards.

Others are reading newspapers or just lounging around.
#14 Civil War - Photographers and Their Equipment
Two photographers having lunch in the Bull Run area before the second battle, 1862. two photographers relaxing and having lunch, by big trees. Seems to be an African man and a White man that are the photographers.

They don't seem to have too much equipment. Picture Title: Description: Details: Civil War - Communications and Intelligence
Allan Pinkerton, chief of McClellan's secret service, with his men near Cumberland Landing Men in the service, talking and eating, while others talk around them. Black and white men are talking around the table.

Many men are watching from a distance and talking amongst themselves. Civil War - Prisoners and Prisons
Three Confederate prisoners from the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1863.
Three men waiting on some wood, they are Prisoners. This is a sort of gloomy picture.

They seem to be carrying a lot of stuff with them.
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