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Chapter 10 Operetta in America 1880-1903

Musical Theater: An Appreciation

Kettering Perry

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 10 Operetta in America 1880-1903

OPERETTA IN AMERICA 1880-1903 Reginald De Koven Harry Bache Smith Encore Harmony "We were enthusiastic admirers of the early Gilbert and Sullivan operas and when we started to work on our first piece we decided to bestow on the distinguished collaborators the sincere flattery of imitation." Harry B. Smith Victor Herbert O.J. Gude Initial collaboration, The Begum first in 1887.
Hindoo comic opera, inspired by The Mikado became a failure while trying to cash in on exotic Asian settings.
Their second attempt was not successful
UNTIL... Gilbert & Sullivan In Robin Hood, the male character Allan-a-Dale was usually sung by a woman - breeches role
women were cast to dress in tights to show their revealing legs to attract audiences The GREAT White Way OFF Scenery
Show ROBIN HOOD PLOT SUMMARIES BROADWAY OFF OFF BROADWAY BABES IN TOYLAND ROBIN HOOD ` Gilbert & Sullivan continued to hold a prominent position
on the nineteenth-century American stage, not long before composers began using homegrown operettas (also known as comic operas) Sidebar: The Wizard of Oz - 1903 vs 1939
The operetta is further away from the children's book than the movie.
In the '03 Operetta Dorthy's companion is a cow while in the movie her companion is a dog
All of the songs in the 1939 movie were newly written
In the'03 Operetta, the plot has Dorthy trying to aid the King Oz regain his throne.
Adaptations that followed the successful novel, operettas, and film are The Wiz (1975) and Wicked (2003) Marie Cahill Behind the Scenes:
The Integrity of the Score | The Original Diva
Cahill was hired to star in 'It Happened in Nordland'
Ms. Cahill decided to add two new interpolations and occasionally add in extra verses without informing the orchestra
The disjointed assemble of Herbert, Cahill, and the Orchestra escalated to the point in which Cahill through a temper-tantrum during a performance and excused herself and left.
After some persuasion and more dramatic actions by Cahill, she returned the stage and completed the song. Only to make more demands.
108+ years later, the fight that composers had to prevent interpolation is evident as changes are not made without their consent. Key Terms
Breechless Role
Source Music
Diegetic Song
Prop Song
Off Broadway
Off Off Broadway
Scenery Show
The Great White Way Davis sang the song
5,000 times in 2,000 performances THEN NOW "Oh, Promise Me" was a marriage proposal form Allan-a-Dale (Jessie Davis) in Robin Hood. Because of its popularity, Davis would sing the song 2-3 times an evening. Thus the beginning the ... Draws from Mother Goose for its Characters
Uncle Barnaby intentionally shipwrecks Jane and Alan to an attempt to get his hands on their fortune.
At the same time Uncle Barnaby is making the moves on Contrary Mary - Alan's love interest.
Contrary Mary runs away and Tom Tom - Jane's love interest goes after to ensure her safety. They are headed to Toyland.
Jane and Alan survive only to have Uncle Barnaby to set them out an another dangerous adventure.
Jane and Ala manage to escape the Spider Forest with the help of the Moth Queen and a reunited with their loves Tom-Tom and Contrary Mary in Toyland.
Life is good in Toyland for the foursome until the evil Toymaker (who make killer toys) and of course Uncle Barnaby team together.
Plot twist. The Killer Toys kill The Toymaker BUT Alan takes the fall (after trying to save him)
Contrary Mary marries Uncle Barnaby to try and save Alan but he turns him over to the authorities.
We get to happy ending when the killer toys are released of their spell, Uncle Barnaby drinks the poisoned wine intended for Alan, and as Uncle Barnaby's window, Contrary Mary can marry Alan to save his life. The tale of Robin Hood was spread the song during the Middle Ages and the Operetta sticks closely to the story line.
King Richard I is the the King. Nottingham is the setting.
Dame Durden has been fighting along side the King for the past ten years.
He is daughter Annabel is having passes made to her by Allan-a-Dale (an outlaw who works with Friar Tuck)
The plan is for Richard of Huntingdon to enter the archery contest, WIN, and claim his father's title and legacy from the Sheriff of Nottingham. His title would be Earl of Huntingdon and he would promised Lady Marian by King Richard I.
In disguise, Lady Marian sneaks the archery contest to check out Richard but drops the disguise and falls head over heals with Richard - who won the contest.
The plan is foiled when the Sheriff of Nottingham rigs the contest so that Sir Guy of Gisborne gets the title and the girl.
Richard flees and takes refuge with the Merry Men of the Sherwood Forest.
Richard aka Robin thinks that Lady Marian wants to marry Sir Guy and turns his attentions to Annabel.
Lady Marian flees to the Sherwood Forest and is upset to see that Robin has moved on.
Robin and Lady Marian sort out their misunderstandings and agree to marry BUT Allan-a-Dale thinks that Lady Marian is Annabel and turns him into the Sheriff.
Robin is on death row. Lady Marian is to wed Sir Guy and now Annabel is to wed the Sheriff of Nottingham.
After a a escape (with the help of Friar Tuck and Little John) and a changes of clothes, Robin reveals himself during the wedding ceremony.
AT THE SAME TIME, King Richard has returned from the Crusades.
Robin aka the Earl of Huntingdon is pardened and the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy of Gisborne get what is coming to them.
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