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Lucas Mobile App

No description

Raviteja Botta

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Lucas Mobile App

Features Cloud Level up with other features Events & Offers Why Should Your Business Go Mobile? Over 50% Of the mobile users in the world are going to have a smartphone in 2012 400%
Growth in mobile searches over the past year By 2015
More People will access the internet from their smartphone then from their computers Events - Push Customized events straight to your customer base. Promote services with constant reinforcement.

Offers - Manage, Deploy, and Withdraw offers that you can design and upload independently. - Dedicated real estate on the app to articulate a customized, dynamic message about your business Cross-sell-Promote other attractions with picture gallery.
Fan wall, Facebook, twitter- Its all happening here…
Wanted to do more to your customers loyalty, survey forms and feedback forms are here Scalable, customizable and manageable from a cloud based backend Catalog - A Dynamic Catalog of all the products / services you offer, with pictures, descriptions, pricing and more Let customers make appointments on the go via your app, with auto sync to their calendars. "A 4-Step process (Its Really That Simple!)" 1 - Sign Up
2 - Pick A Template
3 - Select Mobules
4 - Upload Resources 36 Hours Later
Your Ahaa! moment ... small
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