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Vera Wang Fashion Project

Ms. Roach's Fashion Designer project for 4th period. September 16, 2011.

Tara Downey

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Vera Wang Fashion Project

Vera Wang Tara Downey
Roach 4th Vera Ellen Wang was born in New York, NY
in 1949 to a Chinese family. She was raised on Manhattan's
Upper East Side. History Design History Vera Studied Theater at Sarah Lawrence College,
but switched to Art History. She was an editor for Vogue
for 17 years. Wang was a design director at
Ralph Lauren for 2 years. All with NO
design training. Big Break Vera searched for her "Perfect" wedding dress for her own lavish wedding, but couldn't find one for her style. So, she decided to design her own wedding dress, which led to the creation of her own line of wedding gowns. In 1990, she opened the Vera Wang Bridal House Ltd., on Madison Avenue, in New York. Vera Wang Bridal Vera opened her Couture Bridal house in 1990 and "the elegance, detailing and freshness of her line quickly won her kudos from the world at large, "and a wedding dress superstar was born." She is now probably now the most well-known wedding gown desgner in the business. Bridal Gowns Examples STyle Description Simply Vera other accomplishments INteresting facts WHy Vera? Sources Vera Wang's design style is classic, elegant, tasteful, & one-of-a-kind. She is said to have "classic modern aesthetic." Her designs are expensive because she puts more time and effort into each & every gown than any other wedding gown designer. All of Vera's designs are a modern take on classic ideas and designs. Vera Wang uses sophisticated design, signature layering, intricate draping, & exquisite attention to detail. Vera Wang has an affordable line for women at Kohl's called Simply Vera by Vera Wang. It includes handbags, shoes, clothing, intimates & a multitude of accesories. Vera Wang's numerous accomplishments include her trademark upscale wedding gowns, a range of accessories, a published wedding book, fragrance and bedding line and even a Barbie Wedding Gown Collection. She also has a Fashion Line & a "Life Style" line that includes bedding, flowers, luggage & more. http://www.verawang.com/ Vera Wang's Luxe Collection starts at $6,000, with some dresses costing as much as $12,000 or more. However, most of her dresses range from $2000 to $7000. She uses rich fabrics, luxurious details such as hand beading, and the best craftsmanship. Wang uses modern touches to traditional styles, avoiding both harsh, modern looks and frilly old-fashioned sweetness. I chose Vera Wang because I love her simple & elegant, yet trendy designs and adore her wedding gowns. I'm actually hoping to splurge for my own wedding for one of her couture gowns. Vera Wang Wedding Dresses are available at her flagship bridal salon, better bridal salons, and department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Barney's. Vera Wang was a competitive ice skater until the age of 20. In June 2005, she won the Counsil of Fashion Designers of America's Women's Wear Designer of the Year. She appeared as a guest judge in the 3rd season of Project Runway. Wang's mother frequently took her to fashion shows as a child. Vera has designed numerous dresses for famous women getting married. www.infomat.com www.thebiographychannel.co.uk weddings.about.com
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