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Greek Mythology

No description

Arquette M-B

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Originally a swirling mass called Chaos.
Formed Erebus and Love
Then Light and Gaea
In the end there was Chaos, Erebus, Night, Love, Light, Gaea, Ouranus and many more
Gaea and Ouranus had the Cyclopeses, the Hundred-Handed Ones, and the Titans.
Ouranus was furious when he saw Cyclops and Hundred-Handed children...
The Twelve Olympians were the major deities of greek mythology the consisted of:
How To Fail Being A Parent 101:
Eat Your Babies and Confuse Your Child With a rock
AAAAnyway That Was Creepy
Greek Mythology
Welcome to the BEST Greek mythology presentation EVA!!
By Arquette Elizabeth Grace Moxie Milin-Byrne, Penelope Florence Diana Bauder and Alexander I-LITERALLY-HAVE-NO-MIDDLE-NAME Lee

According to Greek mythology, how did the world begin?
In this presentation we are going to describe the origins of the world and some of the main events in Greek mythology, such as:
The Beginning
How To Fail Being A Parent 101:
Eat Your Babies and Confuse Your Child With a rock
The Twelve Olympian Finalists
Hera and her marriage to Zeus

Kronos was the Titan god in Greek mythology and he was the ruler of the cosmos. He achieved this by overthrowing his father Ouranos and taking his place as ruler. However, he had received a prophecy that his children would overthrow him as ruler and take his place as said before in the presentation. So he solved this problem by eating his babies. However, when the youngest child, Zeus, was born, he was hidden by his mother Rhea on the island of krete and instead gave Kronos a rock wrapped in cloth. When Zeus grew up he made his father throw up his siblings and then proceeded to cut up kronos with his own sickle and cast him into the pit of Tartarus (Greek mythology hell). So the moral of the story is don't eat your babies. its gross.......and impractical....and can get you cut into mini pieces and thrown into hell's hell. Which is tartarus. YAY!
The Twelve Olympians
Lovely. Just lovely. Yeh, Greek
Gods and Titans are very gentle people...
Ouranos wanted for them never to be seen Imrpisoned deep within the earth
Gaea made a flint and sickle and tried to convince her Titan children to slay their father
Youngest of the twelve, Kronos, was willing to try and make his mother proud.
Convinced Gaea to call down Ouranos from his home in the sky to talk or something
Kronos jumped out and murdered his father
many boom
Much lightning
After ruthlessly murdering his father and chopping him into teeny-tiny bits, the gods realized something. They were like "Hey, we kinda own the universe now". So they had to decide on a way to divide up the universe. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades (the three guys) decided to put all their names in a little hat and pick them out. Zeus won, so he got cool titles like "Supreme Ruler of Da Universe", "King of the Gods" and "Lightning Dude". He also became Lord of Order and Justice, God of the Sky and Oaths, King of the Gods etc.*
such wow
dat tree tho
E nd of
T hinking
C apacity
E xpect
T eacher
C rankiness
Hera was the patron goddess of peacocks XD
She's not as cool as Zeus - soz.
Hera & Zeus are married and have heaps of creepy, annoying kids.
She's also the goddess of marriage, and yes - is Zeus' sister. And wife. And sister. *shudder*
Zeus really liked Hera so he asked Her to marry him.
She said the only way she would ever marry him was if he could get her to say she loved him.
He started a massive storm and turned into a bird. He flew into Hera's room, and out of the kindness of her heart, she took him in and dried him. Talking to him strangely, as we all do to dogs and pets, she said "Aww I wuv oo, cutie-wootie" or whatever, and yeh. The rest is history...yuk
2 scary 6 me
look at all teh boom

Mount Olympus was a mountain in Ancient Greece that was believed by the Greeks to have been residing (and by residing we mean lazing around, ordering heroes to go murder things, getting served, ordering people to murder more people...the usual greek god actvities). The Greeks also believed that the gods lived in Mount Olympus with their own rules, servants at their command while drinking and eating ambrosia and nectar and determining the fate of the world (They did this by murder).

Thank you for pretending to attempt to shush for a few minutes. It was an improvement. Kind of. Not really...
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