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Basic economic problems in the Philippines

No description

Mico Miguel Sillo

on 22 July 2015

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Transcript of Basic economic problems in the Philippines

Basic economic problems in the Philippines
uneven growth(reasons for under development) and job creation
What is the problem?
one problem mentioned was inadequate education
the quality of education in the Philippines is poor compared to other countries. But the schools that offer good quality of education costs more than a regular school/public school.
How did the government respond?
⚫️ Made more job opportunities
⚫️ They held job fairs for the unemployed
- Some temporary work agencies have opened to make up.
Why is that a problem?
⚫ Sillo, Mico Miguel
️⚫️ Fronda, John May
⚫️ Querijero, Sophie Bernice
⚫️ Mark, Jamie Louisse
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