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Web 2.0 Examples

Prezi Fun Photo Sites Study Stack Kick You Tube Screen Casting

Zachery Desjarlais

on 3 August 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0 Examples

WEB 2.0 Tools What is a WEB 2.0 tool? Some define WEB 2.0 tools by specific websites or types of websites like Wikis, Blogs, and Social Networking sites that share information or allow the user to work with content. Prezi FREE presentation tools that allow you to create presentations that zoom, pan, spin, move, animate, etc…
You insert text, video, sound, images, hyperlinks www.prezi.com Fun Photo Sites Shape Collage (Down Load)
http://www.shapecollage.com/ Mosaic Generator http://click7.org/image-mosaic-generator/?create Study Stack Create flash cards and games from content you provide.
You can also copy the game onto your own website.
Access study cards via smart phone app.
www.studystack.com Kick You Tube Sites that allow you to download You Tube Videos to your desktop. Not school computer friendly, but easy to do at home.
www.chopyoutube.com Screen Casting Screen Cast O Matic
Other sites/Programs
I Show U
Snapz Pro X (mac only) – amazing program
You can export to:
You Tube
Export FREE presentation tools that allow you to create presentations that zoom, pan, spin, move, animate, etc…
You insert video, sound, images, hyperlinks Other notable Web 2.0 sites currently being used.
flickr - photo sharing, posting, and editing
Picasa - photo sharing, posting, and editing. (now with google)
Comic Master - Creating comics and graphic novels
blog - facitaes ongoing communication (blogger -
blog spot - Wordpress)
Wiki - tool used for collaboration (wikispaces)
Vimeo - video sharing
YouTube - video sharing
Survey Monkey
Google apps - Google docs, groups, moderator, Picasa, blogger, Earth, News, YouTube, Calendar, mail.
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