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IHM Charism

No description

Villa Girls

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of IHM Charism

The IHM Charism
Contributors of the Story Charism, Fidelity, Creative Hope & Love The Villa Story Francis Louis Florent Gillet was born into a life of Christ on January 12, 1813 in Antwerp,
Belgium. His family believed in a good education, and so he recieved a superior education for his time. Francis attended the Royal College of Liege, and after he pursued his religious education by going to a seminary. At the age of 19, he completed his philosophy studies and decided to enter the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. (Redemptionists)

Six years passed since he had first joined the seminary, and he discoverd a inclination to join the group of brothers and priests who had begun missions to the United States. In 1843, at the age of 40, he journeyed on a mission to America.

While in America, Gillet did many great things including, preaching many successful missions, and becoming pastor of a church in Monroe, Michigan. He also met Sister Theresa Maxis, and persuaded her of the great need of the children in Michigan. Together they founded the Sisters and Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the year of 1844.
St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori was born on September 27, 1696, near Naples, Italy. Alphonsus was the oldest of seven children. His mother was a devout Christian of Spanish decent, and his father was a naval officer, who took him on many retreats. St. Alphonsus recieved a doctorate at the age of sixteen, and was practicing law at nineteen. He later took a break from the law, and visited hospitals of the sick. There, God appeared to him and told him to consecrate his life to God. Three years later, he was ordained a priest. He later succeeded in establishing a Congregation, and inspired Father Gillet. Theresa Maxis was one of the first three members of the servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She was born in Baltimore in 1810, of a Haitian Mother and British Father. Theresa was well educated and fluent in both French and English. At the age of 18, she helped found the first congregation of religious women in the world.
Father Gillet saw the needto spread the word of God to children. Father Gillet went to seek the help of young women. On his journey, he met Mother Theresa Maxis and implored for her help. Father Gillet, Mother Theresa, and some early Sisters, met in a small cabin in 1845. They had many hardships ahead of them and no materials, but they had a deep trust in God, and were open to the call of Christ. Together, after many hard years, they created the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Their mission extended from a simple log cabin to a growing community throughout the United States, and proves that God is capable of anything Father Gillet, was inspired by Saint Alphonsus, and saw the need to spread the word of God to children. Father Gillet went out in search of teaching sisters, who were open to the call of Christ. He met Mother Theresa Maxis, and implored for her help, in which she agreed. In 1845, Father Gillet met her and other early sisters in a small cabin in Monroe, Michigan. With many hardships ahead of them, and no materials, their faith was in God. The sisters began their mission, and with courage, determination and hard work, they achieved their goal. Their mission extended from a simple log cabin, to a catholic organization and community that is still growing today.
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