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Kisabird Studios Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Plan

Chuck Westfield

on 5 April 2012

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Transcript of Kisabird Studios Digital Marketing Strategy

Consequences Fraud An imposter or scam artist would be relatively easy to pull off through social engineering. Cyber-Smear Target 'Hell hath no wrath' means more when your special day is on the line. Many people cross the line when they interact on the internet. Reputation, peace of mind, brand can all be at risk at any given time. Intellectual Property Issues Designs are copywritten but keeping track and enforcing can drain resources and even damage reputation in the process. Celebrity What happens when everyone else realizes what I realized years ago? What if she becomes the next Cookie Monster? The Budget Advertising on Advertising on Advertising on Labor:
Total: $190
$790 Video Blog on Labor:
Total: $665
$665 Web Series on Labor:
Total: $3000
$5000 Manage Identity on $260
$260 Labor:
Total: Manage Identity on $260
$260 Labor:
Total: Community Consultant on $1976
$1976 Labor:
Total: Labor:
Total: $823
$1123 Labor:
Total: $988
$1948 Total Labor:
Total OOP:
Total Budget: $8162
$12022 $1976
$2296 Labor:
Total: Distribution Consultation and working sessions through Skype. Transactions and delivery through Etsy storefront Promotion Brand & Identity Blog Gallery Portfolio Storefront
www.lasercutinvites.com Twitter
@kisabirdstudios Advertising Facebook
Friend Mikita Westfield
Like Kisabird Studios Youtube
Kisabird Studios Video Blog
Storybook Ending Web Series Facebook Advertising
2 Million per month CPM views
Targeted during holidays
Measurements and metrics The Knot Advertising
3 Million Unique Views per month
5300 new members per day
8 of 10 Brides use the Knot Network
Measurements and competition comparison Feeds to @theknot twitter and facebook pages Feeds to Wedding.com Feeds to WeddingChannel.com Style Me Pretty Advertising
Fits the brand image the best.
Smaller more targeted market style wise.
Selective vendor process for Little Black Book listing.
Feeds to Martha Stewart Omnipedia Network.
Become typography expert with free recommendations based on inspiration boards.
Direct traffic for expertise and advice to website.
Conduct polls and surveys on font selection.
Begin relationship management in the community before the sale. Community Content Provider & Implementation Legal and
Consideration Privacy Intellectual
Property Self
Promotion Value The Situation 2.4 million weddings in the US per year.
175 guests per wedding are invited.
$140,000,000 is spent on invitations alone.
It is a robust and evergreen market The Problem Mass market invitation and greeting cards are available but are often impersonal. There are once in a lifetime events that beg for personalization to reflect the consumer taste and style. The last popular niche in invitations and greeting cards was the re-introduction of the letterpress from the 19th Century. It has become a mainstream trend. Stats The Solution Michael Westfield World class designer has created brand and image for RE/Max, Walmart, Earth Balance and many other clients.
She takes great joy in making invitation, birth announcements and birthday cards for friends and family. She has taken her passion for design and paper and transformed it into an original product Unique Designs - Lasercut Invites Competitive Overview Strengths Product is highly customizable = Premium Pricing.
Original designs with style for the discerning bride.
Cost of entry is significant in equipment and experience.
Outsourcing for mass run vendors identified and priced in business plan. Multiple designs are created per client. Each round creates more signature stock.
Marriage rates are increasing and the markets are growing.
Experience of getting married in the online age translates to expertise for each new potential customer. Opportunities Weakness No staff.
No market awareness.
Limited design and production scalability. Threat There are competitors in other regions.
There are similar crafts using different materials i.e. woodburning.
Custom designed invitations are an established industry with entrenched businesses. Digital Marketing Strategy Chuck Westfield
Regis University - MKT 450 Design
Accounts Payable
Community Management
Client Relations
Vendor Relations YouTube Production
Information Technology
Accounts Receivable
Strategic Marketing
Organization Chart Boss Not the Boss Personal computers and consumer software have made it easy to make relatively decent cards at home.
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