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The Unwanteds

No description

Abby Nickell

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of The Unwanteds

The UnWanteds

"Harry Potter meets Hunger Games!"
Kirkus Reviews
By: Lisa McMann
The Genre of this book is fantasy because it is based on a series of events that include magic and impossible things.
The characters in this story are: Alex the main character; Alex's power hungry twin brother Aaron; The mage in Artime, Mr.Today; Lani the governors daughter; Alex and Aaron's neighbor, Meghan; Samheed, the son of a quillitary officer; and Simber the huge cheetah made by Mr.Today.
The UnWanteds takes place in two very different places. One is Quill, the dry, dusty island where creativity is against the law and punishable by death.
The second is a place called Artime; the magical land where every thing is bright green with a brilliant blue sea. Here magic is introduced and creativity is encouraged!
The theme of this book is: the desire for power limits peoples creativity and imagination. I think this because in the book the ruler over Quill wanted so much power that she had to take away all emotion and imagination so that no one was more powerful than her.
This is my favorite book and I would recommend this book to anyone who is 9 and up and loves fantasy books, like the Hunger games, or Harry potter.
The Unwanteds
In Quill once a year every 13 year old is sorted into 3 categories:
The strong and smart go to the wanteds category. This group goes to the Wanteds university, the artistic creative Unwanteds go to the death farm where they
are to meet their end, and the necessarys stay in Quill to serve the wanteds and keep Quill running. On the day of the purge, twins Aaron and Alex Stowe wait for their destiny. They all know Alex is sure to be an Unwanted, but Aarons hopes are high. Later when Alex and the others face the elimators, they discover they are saved by the magical world of Artime and the wonderful Mage behind the whole creation of it. In Artime Alex discovers true friendship and lots of other magical things, while back in Quill people are beginning to suspect the exsistence of another world. Will Quill find out about the magical world of artime? If they do will Alex and his friends be able to handle it? Want to find out more? Read The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann.
Unwanteds book cover picture:
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The time of year is most likely Summer, because the weather is hot, humid and sunny for most of the book.
The Exposition
The exposition of the Unwanteds is when you find out about the land of Quill, Alex and his friends.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Quill starts suspecting things about the existence of the unwanteds. This is important because this could lead to war.
The climax is when the people in Quill find out about the unwanteds. This is important in the book because now they want to kill all of the unwanteds once and for all.
Falling Action
The falling action of this book is when they start a war. This is important because now their whole world could be falling apart.
The resolution is when the war ends and everything goes back to normal...or not.
The conflict of the unwanteds is when Quill finds out that the unwanteds are still alive. This would be the conflict because Quill thinks that the unwanteds are dead and they are realizing that their power is being challenged.
Point of view
The point of view of the Unwanteds is third person because it is told by a narrator.
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