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How People Learn (HPL) Framework

No description

Theresa Nelson Miller

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of How People Learn (HPL) Framework

Community Centered Knowledge
Centered Assessment
Centered Learner
Centered Through a “diagnostic teaching” approach:
What are student backgrounds, cultures, abilities and interests?
What prior knowledge do students have?
What misconceptions do students have? Foster understanding and skill building.
Encourage experimentation and discovery.
Students ask questions, and share their ideas.
Students organize knowledge and apply concepts to new situations.
Reinforce student organization of knowledge.
Build metacognition and self assessment skills.
Gauge what knowledge has been gained.
Give opportunity for demonstrating improvement. Emphasize concepts behind knowledge instead of relying heavily on memorization of facts. Guide students in becoming
"lifelong learners." Respectful learning environments where individual ideas are welcomed.
It is okay to not know a correct answer.
Focus on mastering content.
Enable students to learn on their own.
Improve upon on students’ abilities to solve complex problems. Storytelling Interdisciplinary How People Learn Critical thinking Children construct new knowledge by building upon their own prior knowledge and experiences. Teacher's help each student "build a bridge" from prior knowledge to the new topics they are learning. Students create new knowledge products. Assessments can be project based. develop skills projects are use of stories help to make learning
become more meaningful. the end.
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