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Problem Solving

No description

lexis poth

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Problem Solving

Problem Solving
Defining the problem
Solving The Problemes
People, as in friends and family
Environment,things and places around you
Rules and Procedures,parents and school

What Causes Problems
What is the problem?
Is it my problem?
Can i solve it? Is it worth solving?
Is it likely to go away by itself?
Finding The Problem
Avoid behaviors that make the problem worse
Be clear of what the problem is
Try to see the others perspectives
make sure they feel respected and in control
Talk it out
Find the middle ground
Stay calm
Get as much information as you can
communication is always the key
How to help your problems
Generating Alternatives
Evaluating and selecting Alternatives
Implementing Solutions
By:Lexis Poth
October- 13th - 2015

Avoiding Your Problems
Leaning how to stop your problems that can become even more difficult the longer you run away from them.
Take time to think things threw, take a weekend off and go VC with your family
Acknowledge the problems,putting yourself in a position of where you can handle it
Be brave,listen to your thoughts more i
Talking to someone
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