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IC Cakes

No description

Katelyn Warmuth

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of IC Cakes

IC Cakes

5 Traditional Cakes
Sprinkles, Cookies, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean
5 Seasonal Cakes
3-5 Weekly Specials

Mess Free
2 for 1 deal
Fun Delicious Treat
Quality Ingredients
Innovative Creations
Customer Service and Satisfaction
Environmentally Conscience
Great Employment Environment
Market Analysis
Market Trends:
Products & Services
Business Domain
Management Team
Contingency Plan
Fire damage
Employee injury
Lawsuits (customers, employees, contracts)
Missed sales forecasts
Short term need for cash
Escalated customer issue

A delicious sweet treat for anyone in the mood for Ice cream & cake
IC Cakes as a
Open Minded

"Coffee and Snack Shop"
Cupcakes are creating their own large segment of the industry
Ice Cream stuffed cupcakes
Original cupcake size
Cupcakes Shops
Vegan and Gluten-free Products
Multiple Sizes Options
Creative Flavors
Decorative and Custom Designs
TV Shows
Competition between bakeries
Wholesale & retail costs rising
Gourmet ingredients
Organic ingredients
Healthy options
Dunkin' Brands Inc.
Cold Stone Creamery
Local Bakeries
Cupcake Shops
Prime 1st location
Future development plans
Not limited to storefront sales,with internet and catering
Creative flavor combinations
Innovative product line
Unique product and brand differentiation
Not limited to narrow demographic
easy to handle and right portioned product
Entering niche market
Organic ingredients
Family style operations
Environmentally conscience
Utilizes technology and

No established brand recognition
Undeveloped employee relationship
No established brand loyalty
No established Strategic relationship with suppliers, loan officers, and land owners
Expensive start up costs
Entering a mature market
Limited capital
Limited experience
Unpredictable customer acceptance
Opportunities - Threats - Trends
Industry has resumed growth
Industry expected to grow 2.6% by 2013
Consumer spending expected to increase
Coffee and snack consumption is expected to increase
Low entry barriers
Healthier product lines (Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free)
Mature industry
Highly competitive
Competitive Rivalry
Lower coffee consumption expected in 2013
Economy still in recovery
Consumer tastes and preferences are rapidly changing, difficult to keep up with
Increase in health awareness
Consumers spending less on eating out
Cold Stone Creamery offers similar product
Pinterest Imitations
Restaurants are offering
Healthy options
Vegan and Gluten free Options
Multiple sizes
Decorative designs
TV Shows (Cupcake wars, Cakeboss)
Baking competitions
Gourmet ingredients
Wholesale and retail prices rising
Ice Cream Cupcakes
Convenient/Customizable design
Ready to purchase and eat
Catering staff and services
Special Orders for large amounts
Excellent customer service

Long Term Positioning
Expected Return to Investment
IC Cakes
Thank you & please enjoy an original IC Cake
All operations, expansion, vision, financial
Retail Manager:
Retail operations, payroll, hiring retail employees, securing local clients
Baking Manager:
Creative direction, hiring bakers, supplies, tools
" The Perfect Gift"
Specialty Dessert
Perfect for anyone
Gourmet Status
Create a strong reputation and customer base
Brand Awareness
Increase Application Usage
Quality products and consistent customer service
Cross marketing, social media, and, community involvement
Reach 50% of sales through APP within 4 Years of launch
Pay off outstanding debts
Through sales growth
- Retail storefront and bakery in Carlsbad, Ca
-Online ordering
-Catered Events
-Ordering Via Application

Objectives & Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Smart phone APP
TV displays
Facebook Ads
Radio Advertisements
Human Resources
Store managers to implement
Payroll, Employee benefits, and HR activities
Profit margins
Payoff initial debt
R & D
Chef Meetings

Informational Management

Strategic Planning
Company theories and philosophies
Strive for success in a reinvented classic
Growth in the County
Additional locations
Brand awareness

Capital Requested
After two years IC Cakes will return
2% of annual revenue to investors

Investors will continue to receive special
gifts from IC Cakes
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