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Webinar: What is Prezi and how can you apply to EDU

Adapted from an original design by Meaghan Hendricks, Zane Groshelle, & Steve Wishman

Ashley Whitlatch

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Webinar: What is Prezi and how can you apply to EDU

anyone ideas matter. At Prezi, we believe in the power of BIG ideas fun engaging and to a network of over 15 million users zoomed Three years later, Prezi has 75% web layout modern a sleek, To make sharing ideas more with a tool that enables to create their own visual stories templates designers and We worked with to create beautifully crafted artists we've just unveiled a resulting in new Prezi and to provide further making it easier for anyone to share their big ideas inspiration... beauty through design and has been adopted by over of the Fortune 100 companies idea big was created by an architect with his own fine artist and Adam Somlai Fisher Theme Path Frame Insert Shapes constantly introducing new features we're PPT Import Prezi 3D Fade-ins set up to inspire symbols and make pop visually provocative your presentations as well as a library of to make your ideas you also have the ability to reusable prezis and make a copy that you can customize functional but we wanted something more intuitive scalable and and playful
new editor that explore let's you on telling your story To give people more tools to fill the blank canvas focus simple A bringing on board Prezi united a dynamic redesign team, David Gauquelin who hails from Frog Design Adam's work from the 2006 Venice Biennale And clean layouts that let you tell your ideas... Visually growing around 1,000,000 users per month! http://prezi.com/uxjl1abchrsi/the-prezi-story/ Check out our three Founders' story here http://prezi.com/ufnrer-swszq/typography/ So how does Prezi fit into education? http://prezi.com/gmbjcmpwnyxb/dschool/ http://prezi.com/emdcmgiwz8lh/ap-bio-ecology-3-community-interactions/ http://prezi.com/learn/ launching officially in 2009 Interested in learning more? Questions? Ideas Matter. From a student a department and a teacher Check out what is Prezi? Prezi VS Slides collaborate in real time
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