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No description

Manuel Lopez

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of cool

Focus Area It is hard for the community to understand contamination, how it works, and how the cleanup effort works. Problem Causes -Information regarding the clean up and contamination is
too complex for the average person and community members to figure out and understand
- Language barriers
- Requires Background knowledge and information to understand what's happening
- Hard to find info on the topic
- No one to actively teach curious community members
-Meetings are held only once every three months Root Cause of the Problem Impacts of the Problem - People can't comprehend the information
- They can't increase their knowledge about the contamination
- Lack of motivation
-Can't spread the word out
-Meetings become useless if community members don't understand the information being discussed.
-Meeting aren't discussed to the public Who is Impacted by the Problem? -Tax payers
-Community Members
-Clean up crew people
-Future Generation
-Local Business owners Community members do not have the opportunity to access scientific terminology and jargon regarding the contamination. Connection with our Courses Bio/Chem
-How to effectively remove contamination through the use of ions in-situ chemical oxidation
-Methods for cleaning up the contamination such as pump and treat, permieble reactive barrier, and thermal direct heating.
-Have a better understanding on which resources are impacted Humanities Vision Statement
Group 2 -Focus on needs, values and perspectives
- Interview skills Spanish and Chinese To create a place to house info regarding the Superfund site contamination & clean up, the website will also inform about the jargon, the web site will also be easy to use. -Translate our information into these languages in order to meet the criteria of a bigger audience Algebra -Identify stakeholders
-Create a criteria
- Create models to represent statistics and data
- Optimize the situation
-Based on criteria Vision Statement Group 1 What is Being Done? Already Being Done
(Negative) - Meetings are being held every 3 months There meetings are held once every three months. Those who hold the meetings are not doing an effective job at informing the public and community members who attend them. In a world without confusion from complex words and terms, there are simple resources available for every member of the human society to watch and have access to. Teaching videos explain the contamination and how it works. When everyday students watch this, they understand because it uses everyday language instead of the complex jargon used by scientists. More people will be aware and because of this, they will be able to help towards solving this issue. Already Being Done (Positive) - The meetings are raising awareness amongst the community members.

- The websites allow people to get a better understanding about the contamination The websites require background information about the contamination and sometimes contain words and information that people can not comprehend. What Can the Stakeholders Do? Solution Idea (Group 1) Solution Idea (Group 2) Criteria for Solution Ideas -Community members can be more proactive when seeking out information, and pursue full understanding of the problem.
- Those who do understand the problem can teach others.
- Meeting holders can simplify the info
- Increase awareness of the issue. -Achievable
-not too time-consuming
-fast results
-Addresses the root problem
-Affects the targeted audience and stakeholders. Our solution idea is to create a website to house all the information which group one creates. We plan to make the website easy to use and navigate. To appeal to other audiences who do not speak English, our website will have headings and subtitles in both Spanish and Chinese. Our solution idea is to create an informative video that reduces the amount of complex words and information in order to increase the understanding amongst the community members.
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