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LSA2010 Criminology theory

No description

melissa hiveley

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010 Criminology theory

Criminological Theory Biochemistry Theory Heredity, Vitamin deficiency,
allergy, tumor, toxins, brain
dysfunction, hormonal imbalance Feminist Theory Gender Inequity,
Patriarchy Psychology Low Intelligence,
Stress Sociological Theory The idea that the
enviorment pushes
you towards
crimanl behavior By: Melissa Hiveley Introduction,
evaluation, and
Theories are often
Complamentry rather
than standalone concepts
Here are the sites I
used to help me createt
this prezi

http://www.mahalo.com/biochemistry Feminist Theory is the extension
of feminist into theroetical, or philosophical
discourse, it aimes to understand the nature of
gender inequality. it examines womens social
roles and lived experiances and feminist politics
in a veriety of feilds much of feminist theory also focuses on analyzing gender inequality and the promotion of women's rights, interests, and issues.
Social theories are theoretical frameworks which are used to study and interpret social phenomena within a particular school of thought. Certain social theories attempt to remain strictly scientific, descriptive, and objective. social theory says that society is why people
commit crime. the people around us and in our enviorment lead us to commiting crime Biochemists study the components and chemical
eactions involved in the basic processes of life.
ome research areas that biochemists are involved
in include DNA and protein synthesis, the
nteractions of bacteria and viruses with cells,
and the function and structure of substances such as insulin and hemoglobin. When something chemicaly
gose wrong inside us it causes us to commit crime. Psychology, study of the mind
the psychology theory says that
our conscience is why we commit crime
our Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition, or judgment of the intellect, that distinguishes whether one's prospective actions are right or wrong In psychological terms conscience is often described as leading to feelings of remorse when a human does things that go against his/her moral values, the psychology theory says that the conscience dosent work in remorse but that crimanls have no feeling of right or wrong causing them to commit crimes. In all of these theory's none have
been proven to be compleatly correct.
So why do people commit crime?
The world may never know. You Will read about
four theorys that try
to explain why crime
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