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TCER Document

No description

karishma Tiwari

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of TCER Document


Who uses
Test Conditions and Expected Results
Test Condition2:
Customer can enter a valid username.

Expected Results:
The system accepts the data without error.

Test Conditions and Expected Results
Test Condition 3:
Customer inputs a password into the password field

Expected Results:
The system masks the content of the password field as the user enters it.

Test Conditions and Expected Results
Test Condition 1:
The Create Account screen provides the facility to enter username, password, confirmation password, title, first name, last name, email address, telephone number and postcode.

Expected Results:
The Create Account screen has the following fields to allow the customer to enter the required information for their account:
username, password, confirmation password, title, first name, last name, email address, telephone number and postcode.

TCER Document
-Test Conditions and Expected Results (TCER)
Defines what should occur when a requirement is tested
Positive values – what should occur
Negative values – what should not occur
Limit values – what is not within the normal range but are acceptable
Exception values – values that are not normal but can occur,
and if they need special processing

Name and description of the test condition.
Begin these with an action verb: create, print, etc.
Expected result.
For each test condition, define a corresponding expected result. The expected results created during test planning can be relatively high level. For example, an expected result for the test condition, create invoice, can simply be, an invoice is created.
Requirement or design source.
Each test condition is derived from one requirement or design item. This makes it easier to verify if all requirements and design elements are covered and to track the defects that are detected during test execution
use this deliverable to allocate appropriate test conditions into the Test Scenarios template in readiness for test scripting or if starting with Test Scenarios to drill down the specific test conditions and expected results applicable to each test scenario
Modified By:

Application Designer
Technical Designer
Test Lead
Create Customer Account
est Condition Id:
Create Customer Account-Mainflow-
Step 1
Presented By:
Karishma Tiwari
Shejal Rawat
Deepti Agre
Pooja Torniya
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