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Josh Rowe

Stock Market Project

Mrs Feeney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Josh Rowe

Stock Market Project Josh Rowe, Period 5
Stock market
Profit & loss The reason I chose Sony to invest in my stock markets project is because it is a very well known company and is getting bigger because of ps3's and Psp's and other game devices. From investing in Sony stocks I made $150.15. The reason why I chose under armour for my other company to
invest in is because I like to buy there cloths and because
this company is getting more popular every year. From this
stock that I invested in I made $732.24 off of under armour
stocks! Under Armour Sony headquaters is located in Minato, Tokyo In Japan. Under Armour headquaters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The founder of Under Armour is Kevin Plank. He created Under Armour in 1996. Sony was Founded in 1946, in Japan by a man named Akio Morita . My stocks for Under Armour did good and I made over a thousand dollors
from their stocks. I chose it and I knew that it was good because it
was at the bottom of the graph.
A way to be a good invester is to look at the graph of the stock very closly and if it is at the bottom of the graph and at its lowest point then it will go up soon. The things I like about this project is that
you can feel like you are invester in the
stock market. You can experience what is like
own a stock. What I thought about the project!
Hints about becoming a good invester. Things I would change about this project. Things that I would change about things project is to keep up to date on the project and not doing it all in one week. During my project for Sony the stocks went up and down alot and was very unstable. But in the end they all ended up to be about the same. During the stocks of Under Armour they we
also unstabable. in about the beginning
of the 2nd month of the project it went
up a tramendous amount of money.
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