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Coffee House&Bar

Russel Hobbs

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of "Retrospective"

1.High quality of offered products and services
•Retro thematic with all its attributes (vinyl, posters, signs)
•Special illumination design will allow to make an atmosphere of intimacy and comfort
3.Shelves with books and journals specially oriented on those who like reading
4.Wi-Fi zone and help offered by staff to install it free of charge
5.Live instrumental music
6.Special smoking zone inside coffee house & bar Opportunities
1.Coffee house & bar as a platform of self-realization oriented on people of art and business
2.Possibility to build special and life long lasting CRM
3.Widening of the market share by using innovative methods of marketing
4.Organizing special conferences and presentations for businessmen
5.Technological progress allows using new and innovative possibilities Weaknesses
1.High level of start-up investment
2.Large variety of direct and indirect competitors
3.High risk of problems occur in HR Management and Logistics
4.Entry barriers
5.Presence of direct and similar competitors, who is already functioning “DK”. Threats
1.Number of competitors may and will grow as the quality of products they offer
2.Governmental regulations – it is high possibility that government will prohibit smoking at public places at all, as well as alcohol consuming
3.Possibility that tariffs on imported products will grow Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors.
Kotler Philip Competitive Advantages LIVE Music Platfrom for self-realization Creative menu Books and journals "Aperitif" hours Target Audience Products Promotion How much that pleasure does cost ? Sweeties Sandwiches Coffee Tea Finansial Feasibility Group # 15
Group members
Nyssanova Zhuldyz 20060455
Tolemissov Adlet 20080322
Magzumov Yerlan 20082136
Matveyev Dmitriy 20050617 Our mission is to provide highest quality of products and services, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs and demands, make them happy and build life long lasting CRM. Our group members have decided that best form of business that will perfectly fit our interests is limited liability partnership: its partners bear the risk of losses associated with the activities of the partnership within the limits of the contributions made by themselves (art.77 CC). There are several advantages of making this kind of partnership:
a.Limited liability partners are equally liable for the debts of the company and do not liable by their own property, so if company fails, partners won’t give all they have, but only lose investment.
b.Easy to establish – several hours and you are limited liability partners;
c.Little governmental regulations;
d.Good opportunities to have low tax rates;
e.Restriction of limited liability advantage to the results of actions taken by other partners.
a.Equal or fare division of profits, so all partners will gain profit that will be divided by the shares;
b.Larger pool of capital – opportunity to rip profits
a.Complementary skills of partners – all partners could share experience and do what they could do best;
b.Flexibility. Disadvantages of being limited liability partnership:
a.LLC is not trust worthy, so banks and investors fear to give money – because no one is liable for full potential and if company goes bankrupt, they lose entire investment, so they invest less in LLC
2.HR & Management
a.Possibility of getting into conflicts between partners in management and authority;
b.Unlimited power of at least one partner – partner that has most part of the shares than others will have the final word at almost all decisions;
c.Difficulty in disposing interest in that company.
3. Lack of continuity. COFFEE HOUSE&BAR Thank u for ur attention! PS. U don't have questions, Thanks in advance Market penetration Pricing Strategy Business strategy – Differentiation/Focus – coffee house & bar seeks to build customer loyalty by positioning its goods or services in a unique or different fashion our goal is to be special at something customers value and our business was targeted on special niche, who likes retro thematic. Although it has strong focus on retro it could satisfy needs and demands of all targeted niches. Competitive Analyses Market feasibility:
1. Coffee consumed in 2009 - 2000 tonns
2. Kazakhstani market has great potential
(Brief business analytics)
3. Kazakhstani market grows 8% a year (av)
4. 30% of respondents go to coffee houses more than once a month, 28% - almost everyday, 30% once a week, 2% - "been 1st time"

Question yorself now,
"Is it feasible to open such business?" Funds needed for all of the stuff - 30.000 $
Source - Halyk Bank 3 years, interest rate -15%, Payments (annual) - 13,140, business will rebuy itself totally after 2 years Place - Gogolya-Kunayeva, 42 - good location, city center. Coffee house&bar will be placed on the corner of 2 streets, so it will be recognizable from both sites. Cinema, night club, park, "Arbat" and cloth boutiques are situated nearby, so there a large number of people who could recognize "Retrospective". In that place we are close to customers and suppliers, which is good. Smoking Place inside This list goes on and on, actually I don't have enough time to say the full spectrum of our menu and products we have, but keep in mind that this is not all. I gotta go...
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