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I'm stronger than you.

Grade 6 9/21-23

Jennifer Mullen

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of I'm stronger than you.

Which River is the longest
A. the Nile River
B. the Amazon River
The Nile River is longer than the Amazon River.
Which mountain is the highest?
A. Mount Everest
B. K2 Mountain
Mount Everest is taller than K2 Mountain.
Which waterfall is wider?
A. Iguazu Falls
B. Niagra Falls
Iguazu Falls are wider than Niagra Falls.
Which ocean is bigger?
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
The Pacific Ocean is bigger than the the Atlantic Ocean.
Which animal is bigger?
A. the African Elephant
B. the Blue Whale
The Blue Whale is bigger than the African Elephant.
Which country is smaller?
A. South Korea
South Korea is smaller than Italy.
Who runs faster?
B. Cheetah
A. Antelope
The cheetah is faster than the antelope.
Let's Play...
World Trivia!
Teams will write an answer on their board.

Each team must answer with a COMPLETE SENTENCE or they do not get a point.

Teams will get a bonus point if they can reverse the sentence.

The team that wins the game will get a point.
What is the fastest fish in the world?
A. The great white shark
B. The sailfish
Which canyon is wider?
A. the Grand Canyon, U.S.A.
B. the Fish River Canyon, Africa
Which building is taller?
B. Burj Dubai, Middle East
A. Taipei 101, Taiwan
Which mountain range is longer?
A. Himalayas, Asia
B. Andes, South America
Which is older?
A. The Pyramids of Egypt
B. The Great Wall of China
Which country is younger?
A. Australia
B. The U.S.A.
Which country is bigger?
A. Russia
B. Canada
Which bird is smaller?
A. the house finch
B. the bee hummingbird
The bee hummingbird is smaller than the house finch.
Russia is bigger than Canada.
Australia is younger than the U.S.A.
The Pyramids of Egypt are older than the Great Wall of China.
The Grand Canyon is wider than the Fish River Canyon.
The sail fish is faster than the great white shark.
The Andes are longer than the Himalayas.
1. Burj Dubai is taller than Taipei 101.
Famous places, animals and things
Practice Question
Bonus point : Taipei 101 is shorter than Burj Dubai.
Today we will...
compare places, animals, and things
B. Italy
Wyoming is famous for...
Do you remember what state
Matt is from?
How many people live in Wyoming?
500,000 people
...long, cold, and snowy winters and
short and sunny summers.
Devils Tower
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park
mountain lion
mule deer
grizzly bear
Which country is bigger?
Canada is bigger than China.
China is smaller than Canada.
C. Bluefin Tuna
C. The Yellow River
A. catfish
Which fish is the heaviest ever caught?
B. the Great White Shark
C. the King Salmon
1200 kg
B. the Great White Shark
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