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"Rivas Lab"

created by Prezi

Ana Dols

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of "Rivas Lab"

Rivas Lab
a citizen living- lab to
and co-create the future

Main Ideas
Human beings have the ability to put their personal interests for the common good. Groups can make changes in their communities and cooperate to compete.
Anatomy of
"Rivas Lab"
The "living Lab" and
the co-creation approach
A new and improved way of promoting employability for job seekers and entrepreneurs.
A space of co-creation and an inspiring experience of innovation in the public sector.
ving ahe

Co-creation initiatives where I bring together different ways in which people can contribute to craft their jobs, to reinvent themselves, either to undertake an entrepreneurial project or to improve their business models.

In the City Hall of Rivas

(Madrid) I foster the entrepreneurial and innovation culture, provide occupational guidance, deliver training for job seekers and lead a project to teach entrepreneurial culture in schools.
As a researcher at Complutense University of Madrid I intend to ascertain what influence social innovation processes have on the employability of population.
Along with it I am carrying out another research about the future of work: what are the crucial forces that will shape our own working future.
"Rivas Lab"
facilitator & co-creator
some outputs
The city of Rivas
Comunidad of Madrid
To investigate and generate solutions for community problems

To build new skills.
To gain knowledge.
supporting unemployed people
: they recycle their talent applying business tools and techniques such as personal branding or "the personal business model canvas" and develop self-motivation, creativity and perceived self-efficacy.
supporting entrepreneurs
: they meet with the purpose of reviewing their own business models, promoting new co-initiatives as well as to share resources and know-how to enable them to succeed.

Co-creation & facilitation tools.
Methods for creative facilitation
IDEO Design thinking for Educators
IDEO Human-centered design toolkit
Tools for service design
Collective action toolkit
The Art of Hosting
The Circle
The World Café
Map of talent
Future Scenarios workshops
Inspirational and networking events
(I Ideas Fair)

By Carlos Bezos Daleske
Head of Value Creation:
co-creating new business in health and wellbeing with experience in fertility, ageing and pharma.
Also project manager of Recombine Europe; start up set up for a preconceptional genetic diagnosis company.
Skilled in
open innovation, co-creation, consulting and organizational development.
Mix of business and anthropology background. Also lecturer for open innovation and HR innovation at two universities.
Professionals from "Rivas Lab" went to a local school to share their talent
students and
cooperate to
build up a Museum
made of
recycled materials.

An educational open innovation project
El sistema sólo es sostenible si la pirámide de población acompaña: consumo de masas

Cuando se invierte la pirámide de población el sistema se transforma en una estafa piramidal


Sistema de Apoyo a Cuidadores de Enfermos de Alzheimer ConnectAlzheimer I2Cat/Citilab



No es una panacea
Es una ventana de oportunidad


Ámbitos Industrializados de nuestra vida

Nuestros esquemas mentales sobre productividad y eficiencia provienen de la economía industrial:
Consumo masivo

Déjenme contarles otra historia…

Pequeños comerciantes en Cornellá
Perdió a su marido, que falleció de Alzheimer
Voluntaria en Asociación Familiares enfermos Alzheimer Baix Llobregat
2010 se incorpora a SeniorLab (Citilab)
Manifiesta su deseo de hacer algo por los cuidadores de Alzheimer

La Historia de Clara

Ley de rendimientos decrecientes

“Hay un momento en el que más productividad es improductiva y más eficiencia es ineficiente”


Y cada usuario tienen una media de 150 amigos

Cada comentario suele compartirse 8 veces en redes sociales

A change of paradigm

How do yo co-create?
Listen & talk to.
Work with.
Connect to real problems.
Create a community.
Generate trust.
In this “reset and reboot” phase of “Rivas Lab”
we are co-creating the mission and the vision of the future “Rivas Lab”. But I have my own dream…
• To develop a platform involving citizens and businesses in creating new public solutions for the community.
• To keep on being part of the efforts to create change within the public sector, either
by experiencing new methodologies and forms of cooperation, either co-designing new methods.
• To keep on inspiring creativity, innovation and

To keep on challenging traditional thinking and

+150 people have participate in “Rivas Lab”/+45 actively.
32 sessions /110 hours.
5 Personal Branding Workshops/ 50 hours.
3 Surveys. 128 answers. Employability & satisfaction surveys.
58 hours of tutorials/ 24 people involved.
12 "Labers" have found a job.
16 entreprenurial projects in beta.
2 educational innovation projects co-created.
1 co-create Blog http://abiertoxeducacion.blogspot.com.es/
3 video-résumés: + 1.400 visits.
1 Fair co-created. The Ist Idea Fair of Rivas. 17 "Rivas Lab" exhibitors/
4 Labers´ workshops
1 promotional video co-created/ 776 visits.
100 people in the first Rivas World Café.
A lab inside a Lab
1st phase:
finding Rivas Lab
To start creating a community (to listen to, to talk to, to work with).
-To start drawing the map of talent
-To show results in the I Ideas Fair

We´ve started from zero: 100% inside innovation.
2nd phase:
reset and reboot

Co-creation school:
Motivation. Training. Team building. Coaching. Talent reservoir. Co-creation technologies
-Rivas Lab Co-working
-Building Rivas Lab brand.

One of our

intrapreneur in the public sector
Although sometimes it is easier
than you think...
Ana Dols
We ar
in contact
thank-you very much!!
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