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Educational Technology in a Jewish Day School

No description

David Lamm

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Educational Technology in a Jewish Day School

Ed Tech: The Path From Then to Now I can be reached at dalamm@haftr.org Today's Buzzwords
Future Skills How about
your classroom? Are these kids... ...and these kids... Are we always
getting through? 1980's 1990's 1970's 2000's But wait!
Something's different... Lately... So, what's different? Video Games and TV were
isolating, non-interactive, and exclusive. Today's kid tech is inclusive, interactive, and all about instant communication... And what
are we
competing with? And of course... We can
use this! We need to get our kids from here.. to here, and here, and here. So far, we've been using
technology in
very nice ways. Robotics Cryptography Peer Instruction Graphic Design Research Smartboards Future Skills:
The top 10 in-demand jobs
in 2010
DID NOT EXIST in 2004.

We are preparing students
for jobs that don't yet exist,
to solve problems that
and to
CREATE THINGS YET UNDREAMED. In addition to teaching our students to be fine, upstanding, knowledgeable, and ethical Jewish people, people of whom Hashem can be proud,
they need to learn today's skills
to get tomorrow's skills. Here are just a few Ed Tech techniques and resources from the 1000's available! Flipping Your Classroom
Khan Academy - 1000's of short directed lesson videos
SchoolTube - Educational videos
Edutube - More educational videos
Watchknowlearn.org - Even More...
Educational Social Networking
Edmodo, Glogster - Communication, resource posting, assignments, grading, lots more
Edublogs - Educators' resources and blogging
Wikispaces - Create you own or class website
YU2.0 - Communication and loads of ideas from other Jewish educators using tech
Online and Cloud-based Tools (do away with flash drives)
Google Apps for Education - Docs, email, office apps, and much more
Office 365 - MS Office online with cloud storage and email
Prezi - a great alternative to Powerpoint
Hebrewbooks.org - A wealth of online Torah
OU.org Torah - Audio shiurim and divrei Torah
Behrman House - Hebrew reading and speaking resources
Thousands of great Ipad apps - Jewish and General Studies

AND SO MUCH MORE Let's take a quick
look at Edmodo Quick reminder:
There is NO substitute
for a caring
and effective teacher! Technology is a Tool to
HELP gain knowledge -
NOT a substitute
for a brain. The TECHniques we use can vary in effectiveness, based upon subject, and teacher! I am here to support you by:
Maintaining the infrastructure
Helping you choose the right tools and resources for your needs.
Helping you learn how to use those programs.
Assist in guiding students in program use. Oh, and BTW (by the way), HAFTR Middle School is ready to stand behind
this Ed Tech Initiative. Coming
REALLY SOON... A new, school-wide, upgraded WiFi Network

30 new laptops on a rolling cart for use in classrooms.

New SmartBoard-connected computers in the classrooms.

Sign up HAFTR MS with Cloud-based Apps for Education

More internal upgrades

MORE TO COME ... Some of you are familiar with much of what was presented here, and some of you are not.

Kol Hatchalot Kashot - all beginnings are difficult.

You are not alone. You will receive the best support possible - from me, from your administration, and from your peers. Thanks! It's time to step it up
a notch! Flipping the Classroom How much of this do YOU understand? ...even speaking the same language? Interactive Math Applications Are WE Speaking their language? We're seeing stuff like this. Edmodo has been introduced and is newly utilized currently by at least 7 teachers in both General and Judaic studies.
Glogster (on-line bulletin board) is being used in Limudei Kodesh classes.
We have begun "flipping" classrooms with a 6th grade intro to Excel.
New computers have been configured and placed in classrooms with SmartBoards.
Under the direction of Rabbi Kupchik, the Mitzvah Fair included tech components in each presentation, and our new laptop cart was utilized there for the first time.
Google Docs and Forms were used in the Science Fair.
The computer lab is utilized more and more, at times accommodating as many as 4 subjects at a time. Updates And the Future? In no particular order...

Continued professional development
Coordination across divisions
Blended classes
Ipad integration
Long-distance learning
Online courses Hakarat Hatov Our deepest thanks to all those who have offered their time, effort, guidance, and funds to help the HAFTR Middle School Ed Tech program offer our students of today the tools to succeed in tomorrow's world.

My personal thanks for the direction and chizuk of Rabbi Kupchik and Dr. Brand. Since January 2, 2013 when this Presentation aired, and in addition to all that was already happening in class: If you look closely, you'll note that not all the students in today's class are actually "in" class.
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