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Sex Trafficking in Atlanta

No description

Kimberly Ramos

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Sex Trafficking in Atlanta

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli in Atlanta Sex Trafficking Why Sex Trafficking? Atlanta has been marked as one of the leading cities in the nation for sex trafficking by the FBI.
Sex trafficking is the modern world's version of slavery and has been an increasing problem over the years but the public has failed to accurately address the issue.
Since Atlanta is a large city there is constant traffic of visitors entering and exiting the city making it easy to smuggle children out and exploit them. Why is this such a big issue? Sex Trafficking is such a prominent issue especially to us living in Atlanta because it is our community and we must help preserve it and save those who are being stripped of their free will.
There are young children who are being taken everyday and forced to perform sexual acts for money. These children begin to live on the streets and solely for their given "pimps"
This pandemic is ruining the lives of our youth especially those living in inner cities such as Atlanta. Research According to an article done in The Marietta Patch around 400-500 young children are bought and sold for sex each month in Atlanta and about 7,200 men pay for sex with young girls in Georgia each month.
Atlanta magazine named Atlanta as the capital of sex exploitation in the United States.
Internationally, Sex trafficking has been a long term problem as well. A 2009 report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime shows that 80 percent of all human trafficking worldwide is for sexual exploitation. We have different programs such as the Timeshare program that encourages employment among those in need by providing them with food and shelter for a month until they can find a job.
Our Spread It program serves as a fundraiser where famous Atlanta artists perform and all proceeds go straight to help ending Sex Trafficking. How will G.H.O.S.T help others be a change agent? G.H.O.S.T enlists the help of volunteers and mentors to go to local public and private schools in the Atlanta area to educate the youth about Sex Trafficking and how they can help prevent it.
During the summer G.H.O.S.T will have free events in the community that promote unity and raise awareness for the issue to insure that we're all working together to end sex trafficking. Final Thoughts There are current non-profit organizations that are helping bring more awareness to the issue in Atlanta such as Innocence Atlanta, Meet Justice, and Street Grace.
Homelessness, increased street violence, and an increasing drug trade are all by products of sex trafficking. All of these factors are ruining our community and we must band together to help bring a stop to this infringement on our citizens free will. G.H.O.S.T Get Humans Off of Street Transactions (G.H.O.S.T) is a non-profit organization that opens it's doors to people who've been left out on the streets as a result of sex trafficking.
Our non-profit addresses the issue of Sex Trafficking by going around and picking up homeless victims of sex trafficking. We also have conventions where donations are accepted and for each donation we give out a wristband or t-shirt. We also have food banks open on the weekends run by volunteers. What programs are available through G.H.O.S.T?
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