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A Cell is like a Restaurant

No description

Lauren Vander Tuig

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of A Cell is like a Restaurant

A Cell is like a Restaurant
By: Lauren Vander Tuig
Ribosomes are like the chefs in a restaurant because in a cell ribosomes make proteins like how in a restaurant chefs make food.
The nucleus is like the head manager in a restaurant because it's the control center or the "brain" of the cell just like a manager in a restaurant.
The Nucleus
Lysosomes are like the busboys in a restaurant because the busboys take away dirty dishes like how lysosomes get rid of wastes.
The cell membrane is like the doors to a restaurant because they control what comes in and what goes out.
Cell Membrane
The cytoskeleton is like the structure of the building itself because the cytoskeleton is the structure that holds the cell together.
The DNA in a cell is like a recipe in a restaurant because it's the instructions used in the development of living organisms like how a recipe is instructions on how to cook a meal.
The vacuole in a cell is like a freezer in a restaurant because the vacuole in a cell stores water and other materials like how in a restaurant the freezer stores food.
A kitchen in a restaurant is like the mitochondria in a cell because it's the main generator in a restaurant where the meals are made like how in a cell the mitochondria is the main energy source for a cell.
The host/hostess is like endoplasmic reticulum because it helps transport materials within the cell like how a host/hostess in a restaurant seats people to their tables.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The golgi complex is like waitresses and waiters at a restaurant because the golgi complex transports materials within and out of the cell like how a waiter/waitress transports food from the kitchen to the customer's tables.
Golgi Complex
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