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mary- the first disciple

217-222 in the textbook

nicole wallin

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of mary- the first disciple

Mary, The First Disciple A disciple does not always understand the cost,
but is faithful to the invitation of God.
In the announcement of Jesus' birth, Mary does not
fully understand what is being asked of her and cannot
imagine the consequences. However, in faithfulness to
God she assents to the invitation. A christian disciple proclaims the justice of God. Mary is proud to be the mother of
Jesus and she is dedicated to God. A Christian disciple shares joy and sorrow with others. Mary visited her cousin, who delivered
from the curse of barrenness and soon
to become mother of John the Baptist.
Elizabeth acclaims Mary to be mother of
the messiah. A Christian disciple knows that faithfulness will involve suffering. As by jewish law, Jesus had to be circumsized and Mary
would undergo a ritual of purification after giving birth. An
old man, Simeon, indicated to Mary that she would suffer
greatly on behalf of Jesus. A Christian disciple does not always understand things that happen. He or she must reflect, pray and sometimes accept that they do not understand for the time being. When jesus was sitting amongst the teachers of the Torah after three days searching for him, Mary did not fully understand, but she treasured all these things in her heart. A Christian disciple guides others in obedience to the call of Christ. Mary pointed out in the first miracle that at the wedding the wine ran out, concerned for the reputation of the hosts. She told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to, and so they did. Even though jesus resisted her request before hand, she was confident that he would help and he did and turned the water into wine. Her words, "Do whatever he tells you" are the advice of a christian disciple to others who are beginning to follow the way of Jesus Christ. A Christian disciple is faithful to the end even when the end seems to be a failure. A Christian disciple decides to hope, even in the face of death. At the foot of the cross Mary watched her son die. Most of the disciples ran away in fear but Mary and other women stayed. Her future was of destitution but Jesus' beloved disciple cared for her as his own mother. Mary has been named 'mother of the church'. A Christian disciple draws support and strength from the Christian community and is guided by the holy spirit. After Jesus' death, Mary was in Jerusalem with the community of disciples and along with them received the Holy Spirit. She lived out her life in a small house outside Ephesus in Syria. the first disciple. mary
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