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Substance Abuse Scenarios

No description

Nicole Therrien

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Substance Abuse Scenarios

Substance Abuse Scenarios ~ Think, Pair, Share
Scenario 1
You are looking in your younger brother's room for a calculator, In one of his desk drawers you find a package of cigarettes. What would you do?
Scenario 2
Your father gets off work at 4:00, but he never gets home until 7:00. He always smells of smoke and alcohol and has trouble walking when he gets home. He has a few drinks and then goes to bed. You are afraid he might have a drinking problem. What would you do?
Scenario 3
You find out one of your friends is not only using illegal drugs, but he is also selling them to elementary school students. What would you do?
Scenario 4
You are invited to the party of the year. Everybody who is anybody will be there. You really want to go, but you learn there will be no adults at the party, and there will be alcohol and marijuana available. What would you do?
Scenario 5
Your friend, Jim, has a drug problem, which he refuses to admit. His personality has changed, he is flunking most of his classes, and he has lost most of his friends. His parents are unaware of the drug problem. They only know Jim is having some problems. They invite you over and ask if you know what is bothering Jim. What would you do?
Journal Entry Exit Slip
Reflect on what we have learned and discussed today and write a journal entry worth ten marks
Who does substance abuse affect? How does it affect people?
Which scenario was most difficult for you to answer? Why? Which was easiest? Why?
Why is decision making so important in your teenage years?
What are your thoughts on substance use and abuse? (drugs, alcohol, tobacco)
Scenario 6
Your eight-year-old sister has a friend visiting. When her friend's older brother comes to drive her home, his speech is slurred, and you smell alcohol on his breath. What would you do?
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