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Xbox One

BUS101 Presentation

Dwitiya Hentyarsa

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Xbox One

Finally Thank you for your time. Target Market Distribution Promotion Strategy Marketing Plan
for : created by :
Aldo Handoko
Khanh Duong
Dorcas Leung
Dwitiya Hentyarsa
Fai in Sio Xbox One is the upcoming video game console created by Microsoft. So far Xbox One is the third series of the Xbox consoles and the successor of the Xbox 360.
8-core x86 processor
8gb RAM
Blu-ray player Most people from age of 13 to 30
- Gamers
- Teenager
- Adults: Men and Women ( 38% are women/51% parents who have kids )
-Others (30 above)
-> U.S. Xbox account holders use the devices for 87 hours per month.
-> March: 57 % year-over-year growth in entertainment usage. Distribution channel: One intermediary from factory to retailers to the customers
Distribution strategy: Intensive distribution
By: Ecommerce: Xbox website
Retailers: Microsoft retailers worldwide, game store, electronic store
Non-store retail: Word to mouth Intermediaries Retailers:
Form: Combine cheap but strong materials: Xbox one
Location: Gamestop/Walmart/Game retailers
Time: Summer break/holiday
Information: How to use all the new feature/Special games
Ownership: Acquire Xbox live account
Service: Warranty Based on Yusuf Mehdi: 76 Million consoles, 24 Million Kinects sensors SOLD overall. 46 Million Xbox Live Users and 30 million free Users "All-in-one entertainment system" Questions? Xbox 360 Price Comparison Xbox cost $399.99, or $299.99 for 20GB or 4 GB

PS3 cost $599.99, or 499.99 for 250GB or 500GB Pricing Strategy Xbox One Price Use the same method as Xbox 360 pricing Set up a cheaper price : $399,99 Micosoft does not drop down the price 1)it droped the price to $249.99 and $199.99 at 2010 Nov

2)Many people will be still willing to buy the Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold subscription Skimmy product

Suggested price is 59.99 for half a year

Profit: 46,000,000(users)X20%X$120=1,100,400,000 What they should provide with the Xbox One (Bundling) A Three month Xbox Live Gold subscription for $419.99 Advertising
Public Relation
Sales Promotion Advertising Public Relation Sales Promotion Provide basic details of Xbox One to target audience(design, features, prices)
Make use of social media, such as Youtube and Facebook to increase promotion in order to boost sales
Create official pages for internet users to update our recent news everyday
in an ultimate purpose to increase their purchasing behavior by using the Information Convey our target audiences playing video game on Xbox One is not just a habit
It is a fancy lifestyle to know more about the gaming industry and build relationships and networks
It includes incomparable unique features: homescreen, cinematic gaming, Live TV, Skype
Convey our customers that Xbox One is the best gaming device ever Remind customer to keep track on our comm. channel such as official website and social network site to keep up to date with the most recent news regarding sale promotion, software upgrade, etc. To inform and persuade the public that, Xbox is a part of the society Perpetuate the fund raising event Give exclusive offers to the people who follow on our social networking sites
Host varieties of competition to promote the culture of gaming
carry out the benefits of playing Xbox One by users
spend less resources on promotion
Host gaming exhibition in different colleges and companies to attract more target customers and offer value package to them
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