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Untitled Prezi

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abby miklovic

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Rapunzel has been living locked away in a tower for 18 years. To pass time she cooks, paints, reads, and plays with her lizard, Pascal. STAGE TWO: THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: Rapunzel wonders about "the floating lights" that appear every year on her birthday. She feels that these lights were meant for her. Unfortunately her mother does not approve of her leaving the tower, so in order to see these lights she will have to secretly leave the castle. STAGE THREE: REFUSING THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: After leaving the tower, Rapunzel debates whether or not it was right for her to disobey her mother and leave the tower. She feels bad for going behind her mothers back. Rapunzle thinks about going home. STAGE FOUR: CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: Rapunzel crosses her first threshold when her companion, Flynn, takes her to a restaurant. She believes that this will be fun but soon discovers the restaurant is filled with scary, and fierce men. Luckily, she realizes that the men in this restaurant are actually nice and have dreams just like her. STAGE FIVE: MEETING WITH THE MENTOR:
In this part of the movie Rapunzle and Flynn grow closer to each other as they reveal their deepest secrets to eachother. Flynn finds out that Rapunzle's hair glows and can cure injuries. Rapunzle finds out that Flynn's name is acctully Eugene Fitzherbert. STAGE SIX: ENCOUNTERING TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES:
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider meet a horse named Maximus. At first Flynn believes that Maximus is an enemy. Rapunzel later shows him that the horse is actually an ally. Rapunzel's Journey!
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